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  1. iOS Guides - iDevice Software/ Taking Screenshot/ User ID
  2. IN PROGRESS Inbox Never Clears
  3. NOT BUG Star battery??
  4. NOT BUG Ending Battle Results in Loss of Troops
  5. FIXED Game Crashing :(
  6. IN PROGRESS Disconnections, Internet Errors, Crashes, etc..
  7. FIXED Swapping account glitch/bug
  8. NOT BUG Gold gone?
  9. FIXED Obstacles not appearing
  10. FIXED Target Spotter
  11. IN PROGRESS Replay Errors
  12. FIXED PENDING Range?
  13. NOT BUG Friends help
  14. NOT BUG No Beetle tanks
  15. FIXED Building disappeared!
  16. IN PROGRESS Units firing into Space in Attack
  17. NOT BUG Cash and Minerals after Upgrade
  18. PENDING Upgraded Buildings not registered in Missions
  19. NOT BUG Random Air Unit Wanderings
  20. NOT BUG Units deployed in Red Zones
  21. OTHER Various Things
  22. IN PROGRESS Base Destroyed Counter not Incrementing
  23. PENDING Unit killing itself
  24. IN PROGRESS Can't Place On Clear Area/ Invisible Obstacles
  25. FIXED Crashing/Not Loading Issues
  26. FIXED Welcome Back message/ Free Galaxy Chips
  27. Known Bugs & Guidelines - Please Read First
  28. NOT A BUG Passing Building Limits (3/2 of Building x)
  29. IN PROGRESS Not recieving blueprints after destroying Reptice
  30. PENDING No battle log alert
  31. FIXED Player Names displaying as USERID rather than USERNAME
  32. FIXED Planets with Blank Names displaying as your Username
  33. FIXED Colonizing planets
  34. PENDING Attacked But No Option to Revenge
  35. PENDING Attacked While Online
  36. PENDING Defence Bunker Delayed Response to Attacks
  37. FIXED Incorrect Obstacles type
  38. FIXED Potential Cheat Exploit
  39. PENDING Negative Loot
  40. NOT A BUG 500lv
  41. PENDING Colony shield on, but still got attacked
  42. IN PROGRESS enemy search not run
  43. NOT A BUG gift bug
  44. PENDING Kicked out during battle
  45. PENDING minerals and steal gold / after update
  46. FIXED invisible attack my base last night
  47. PENDING Units in the bunker bugs
  48. PENDING Advertisement does not go away
  49. PENDING Messages displaying negative times
  50. PENDING 40missions complete game centre achievement
  51. NOT A BUG Hackers...
  52. Game Crashes While In Battle
  53. Friend's Planet is Stuck
  54. NOT A BUG Hack Report/Suggestion
  55. PENDING Freeze Turret not working
  56. PENDING I'm stuck
  57. NOT A BUG Samteh
  58. PENDING I lose my colony shield…:(
  59. NOT A BUG Bug abuser with 4 bunker defensive!!!!
  60. NOT A BUG Heavy Attack Video
  61. NOT A BUG Major lag starting game and purchasing units
  62. FIXED Insanely star coffee after Halloween update
  63. IN PROGRESS Update didn't fix me!
  64. NOT A BUG Repitice is a pain mission
  65. FIXED Bugs on opening Training Camp
  66. Not showing my level.
  67. IN PROGRESS Recent Halloween-Update // Bugs
  68. Game blocked a few minutes on "TRAVELLING" screen
  69. NOT A BUG Hacker Report - Menanglagi!lol omg!!!
  70. Game crashes anytime!
  71. Transfer troops to friends bunker not working.
  72. Please help
  73. bugs in loading and making monster
  74. Undead waves error...
  75. FIXED Running slow..
  76. 10 million minerals just vanished....
  77. problem transferrig monster to bunker
  78. Units attack in space!
  79. My bunker did not open!
  80. White screen of death.
  81. Achievements not working in Game Center…
  82. NOT A BUG Can't finish Halloween Undead Challenge. Completed 10+ waves
  83. About inbox
  84. What the heck??
  85. Bug when transfering units in friends bunker
  86. NOT A BUG Hacker Report (Closed-Duplicate) MenanGlagi!lol
  87. NOT A BUG Target spotter most definitely not working
  88. Game shuts down during battle
  89. time to go back to backyard monsters!!!!
  90. NOT A BUG Fired units from bunkers do not return to warp gates?
  91. NOT A BUG Decrease the building time for all buildings (including upgrading)
  92. Game crashed during battle!
  93. Cheater ? NEED HELP!!!
  94. Colony shield don't work
  95. I see user ID in inbox instead of their username
  96. Many bugs & errors! Pls help!! Making me really mad.
  97. UNCERTAIN Bugs in inbox!
  98. Bugs on bunkers
  99. FIXED Bugs when opening gifts in inventory
  100. NOT A BUG Used an attack potion and it wore off in under two hours.
  101. General thread for all bugs you could see
  102. Error when opening Mystery Unit (gift from friends)
  103. FIXED Was anyone successful in getting the 5 chips for liking on Facebook?
  104. Shield is gone?
  105. Notifications errors
  106. Repairing costed chips?
  107. IN PROGRESS Bug when attackings with air units
  108. Game crashed d'urine battle…
  109. NOT A BUG Screwy game
  110. NOT A BUG Mortars or cannons bombs splashes can hit air units.
  111. UNCERTAIN Problems about shields system.
  112. NOT A BUG I cannot see the senders avatar and name who filled my bunker
  113. NOT A BUG It is weird when players are nammed by insults
  114. FIXED Game re-runs slowy!
  115. NOT A BUG All mines full
  116. NOT A BUG I can't send units to my friend.
  117. NOT A BUG Game crashes each time I press on "PLAY"
  118. IN PROGRESS Mystery Gift Boxes not opening up!
  119. NOT A BUG The bug abuser has not been BANNED!
  120. IN PROGRESS Spy mode inaccurate in terms of bunker and turret ranges.
  121. NOT A BUG Look at the picture!
  122. NOT A BUG I was excluded from battle twice today!! Omg
  123. Now coffee pop-up showed up in every battle
  124. 2-4 second delay on bunkers opening!
  125. About the preview of my profile
  126. Colony shield does not activate even my base was fully destroyed...
  127. Game freeze when I touch my starports or factories
  128. Problems when trying to load the Galaxy
  129. GameCentre Achievement Unlock maybe linked to network drops
  130. 4294901xxx points at game center
  131. Unable to access account
  132. Easter event crashes - known issue
  133. Bann
  134. I lost my progress recently! Please restore my Galaxy!
  135. Lost my alliance
  136. Alliancebug chico
  137. The Game Freezes
  138. Several Bugs all wrapped up here in one thread for the dev
  139. Random people being added to my alliance
  140. Disappearing potions??????
  141. No iphone notifications?
  142. Alliance bug or hack?
  143. War won't end. Stuck in war since update
  144. Why I 'm on-line but the opponent can attack me ?
  145. Alliance battle tiers by number of members?
  146. Communication problem?
  147. Social building error
  148. Coffee spilled on Mainframe need to reboot.
  149. Error when after I press play
  150. Coffe on sistem fix!!
  151. Error message - need help
  152. Error?!
  153. How much coffee did you guys spill? 24hrs of offtime?!?
  154. North 44 vs wolfpack??? Are the game developers manipluating the game?
  155. North 44 vs wolfpack??? Are the game developers manipluating the game?
  156. Coffee, bla bla
  157. Game out again!!
  158. We are making improvements
  159. Where is my alliance
  160. Cannot attack another alliance
  161. Cant take any more Have fun without me!
  162. Can't Win
  163. Can't Win
  164. Alliance War Will Not End
  165. Double Entries in Friends List
  166. Endless Alliance War
  167. alliance?!
  168. Glitches since update (June 26, 2013)
  169. Omg All my items got reset to zero. Help!!!
  170. Target Spotter
  171. How come I lost the alliance war when I was never attack by the alliance I attacked??
  172. I got ATTACKED whilst ONLINE!?
  173. Bunker Network Down since Last update
  174. Game crashes when selecting base you were just attacking
  175. Many Problems after the lastest update!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  176. fix the bug error
  177. fix the buggggg
  178. Bug??????
  179. iOS 7
  180. Does not work on ipad mini
  181. Chips disappears just after collecting them + ios7 fáils on iPad
  182. Only 1 out of 4 can now activate missile and boulder strike