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  1. Name Competition for New Character -Win Gold!
  2. Name Competition Resolved!
  3. Idea Competition for a New Building
  4. Vote for the best new building idea!
  5. Vote for the best RESIDENTIAL building
  6. Vote for the best COMMERCIAL building
  7. New Building Competition Resolved!
  8. Best City Picture Competition!
  9. Vote for the Best City Picture now!
  10. Best City Picture Results!
  11. Commercial competition - win gold!
  12. Commercial competition nr 2 - RESULTS!
  13. IDEAS WANTED for a new decoration!
  14. IDEAS WANTED for a new decoration!
  15. Winner of the New Decoration Idea Competition!
  16. New Mission Competition!
  17. New Mission Competition Resolved!
  18. Dream Park Competition!
  19. Spamming about "free gold" is forbidden!
  20. Vote for the winner of Dream Park competition!
  21. Winners of the Dream Park Competition!
  22. Luxury District Competition!
  23. Poll: Vote for the most luxurious district in MCity!
  24. Most Original City Competition!
  25. Special Millionaire Advent Calendar!!
  26. Advent Calendar 2nd Window!
  27. Vote for the most original city!
  28. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th window competition!
  29. Most Original Competition Resolved!
  30. 9th window competition!
  31. 10th, 11th, 12th window competition!
  32. 13th Window Competition!
  33. 15th window competition!
  34. 16th window competition!
  35. Vote for the most inspirational video!
  36. Merry TRIVIA!! 20th Window Competition :)
  37. 16th and 20th Window competition resolved!
  38. 21st wndw competition! Write Merry Xmas MCity!
  39. 22nd window competition! 2 quests in one :)
  40. 23rd window competition! LAST QUEST!
  41. 23rd window competition extended!!
  42. Vote for the Best Xmas District!
  43. Xmas District II resolved!
  44. Most Futuristic Corner Competition!
  45. Vote for the Most Futuristic Corner!
  46. Winner of the most futuristic corner!
  47. WTC: best Sports Center design!
  48. Best Idea for a Competition!
  49. Vote for the Best Sports Center Design!
  50. Winner of the Sports Center Design!
  51. Three Best Ideas for a Competition!
  52. Best Decoration for a Chateau Competition!
  53. Vote for the best decoration for a chateau!
  54. Winner of the Best Decoration for a Chateau!
  55. WTC: Most exotic Indian Corner!
  56. How to post a picture for a Competition & Find your Facebook ID
  57. Winners of the Indian Corner competition!
  58. Millionaire City Video!
  59. Winner of the M-City Video Competition!
  60. Write Millionaire City Competition!
  61. Winner of the "Write M-City" competition!
  62. Second Winner of the "Write M-City Competition!"
  63. WTC: Most Charming English District Competition
  64. Winner of the Most Charming English District Competition!
  65. Out of the Blue Competition!
  66. Winners of the "Blue" Competition!
  67. WTC: Happiest/Fun Fair District Competition
  68. Winners of the Funfair Competition!
  69. WTC: French District Competition!
  70. WTC: Vote for the best French District!
  71. Winner of the French District Competition!
  72. WTC:Most Alien-Friendly Corner Competition!
  73. Winners for the Best Alien-invaded Corner!
  74. Most Stunning Boulevard Competition!
  75. Winners of the Most Stunning Boulevard Competition!
  76. Do you want to know how much FBC our items cost?
  77. Important Announcement!! :)
  78. Ranking System Rules: Read Carefully!
  79. WTC: Realistic Cities Competition!
  80. Winners of the Most Realistic Cities Competitions
  81. Ranking!!
  82. WTC: Acqua Town Competition!
  83. Winners of the Acqua Town Competition!
  84. Royal Corner Competition!
  85. Winners of the Royal Corner Competition!
  86. Final Ranking!!
  87. WTC: Under Construction Area!
  88. Winners of the Under Construction Area Competition!
  89. WTC : Hollywood Competition!
  90. Winners of the Best Hollywood Corner Competition!
  91. WTC: Billionaire's Lounge Competition!
  92. Winners of the Billionaire's Lounge Competition!
  93. WTC: Most Spooktacular Competition!
  94. Winners of the Most Spooktacular City!
  95. WTC: Best School Facilities Competition!
  96. Winners of the School Facilities Competition!
  97. Ultimate Millionaire’s Lounge Competition
  98. Winners of the Ultimate Millionaires Lounge Competition!