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  1. and the one where i said ggrip was danglin a carrot
  2. k will do. check out the post u edited of mine this morn...
  3. Alright, next time you get +2 Energy take a screenshot and PM me. Since it should be +1 Energy.
  4. i just do so many HQ cause the never ending free harvest 30 supplies and 15 bucks
  5. Hmm.. Weird, I never gotten +2 energy and it doesn't make sense to give +2 energy to the first building you have to build, when the last one gives you +3 energy.
  6. yeah i was getting 2 for the longest time but it was regestering
  7. hmmm now its only giving me 1 energy i guess i was just getting 2 for whatever reason
  8. Are you sure?
  9. and what happens is the first HQ harvest gives me the extra and none of the rest??
  10. Hmmm, I think I never got 2 Energy from HQ. Why you think it gives 2 Energy?
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