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    Default Building the "Juko-Ryu Jujutsu/CritR" Fighter



    The emblem as shown above, has many meanings pertaining to the art of Juko - Ryu Jujutsu. Understanding the meaning of the emblem is an essential part of a jujutsuka's training as knowing the various parts of the emblem represent the theories and nature of nearly all the techniques within the art.

    - Juko-Ryu Jujutsu defined: Ju stands for soft , Ko stands for hard, Ryu stands for system; thus the soft hard system of Jujutsu.

    - The red half of the circle represents the hard phase of Juko-Ryu Jujutsu. This is our counter attack from our combos.

    - The white half of the circle represents the soft phase of Juko-Ryu Jujutsu. If the jujutsuka chooses, he may simply redirect a line of attack using the circular type movements. Often, it is a mixture of both soft and hard techniques that are employed. This is our non-combo triggering attacks.

    - The dark line separating the red from the white represents the half moon step (sanchin-hoko) and "S" shaped movement used in Juko-Ryu Jujutsu. These movements help provide some mid-line defense.

    - The large black circle represents the circular movements of Jujutsu. Circular movements are the primary tool for manipulating balance and redirecting an opponents line of attack. Circular movements are also effective in defeating greater strength.

    - The white between the octagon and the large black circle signifies the purity of the art. It is self explanatory why techniques and all knowledge should have a pure reference source.

    - Each point of the octagon stands for one of the eight points of balance. Understanding balance and the methods of manipulating the balance of one's opponent is a primary key to accomplishing good techniques.

    __________________________________________________ _____

    Building the "Juko-Ryu Jujutsu" fighter in MMA Pro Fighter (MMA PF) is all about using the game's design to your advantage along with a little strategy.

    There are 6 fighting styles, when you first start the game it makes you select 2 of the 6, 1 stand up style (Kick Boxing or Muay Thai or Boxing) and 1 ground style (Judo or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Wrestling).

    The majority of the players in MMA PF are MT/BJJ so we will build our fighter to primarily fight MT/BJJs first. The techniques & combos in the two styles that you selected are cheaper than the styles that you did not select so select MT/BJJ as your two styles.

    Defensive Techniques:
    As they are unlocked, master ALL defensive techniques.

    Offensive Techniques:
    OK here is where the Juko-Ryu Jujutsu strategy comes in, What we are going to do is let our opponents kill themselves attacking us by using combos and defense against them. I know that doesn't sound very macho but if you use attacks that trigger combos, you are going to take big damage on the counter attack and you will get beat quite often. The first offensive attack in all 6 styles cannot trigger a combo so those are the attacks we will use. DO NOT buy/learn/train any other offensive techniques.

    These are the ONLY attacks that you want:
    Left Front Kick KB1
    Straight Punch MT1
    Jab B1
    Sitting Armpit Lock J1
    Single-Leg TakeDown BJJ1
    Straight Arm Bar W1

    You will be given two techniques, one in MT and 1 in BJJ, if you get lucky you should have gotten the Straight Punch in MT and Single-Leg TakeDown in BJJ. Occasionally the game will give you one or both of the 2nd technique/s, if it does you will need to wait 24 hours and reset. If you decide to go with one of the 2nd techniques instead of resetting, you will not be the best that you can be.

    Once you get the two techniques comes the really hard and that is collecting the challenge reward bonus money for saving $60k. Saving your ingame money first so you can collect the $60k reward in the challenges section will save you from having to buy so many Pro Points if you were to decide to buy some Pro Points, buying them is up to you.

    The thing that most players don't realize is that by buying the combo, it's like learning a free technique because of the counter attack that is used in the combo AND the best thing is that the counter attack, cannot trigger a combo.

    List of Dos
    1) Do the challenges.
    2) Train. (it is OK to buy items needed to do them)
    3) Recruit sparring partners.

    List of Don'ts
    1) Do not buy anything other than the items needed to complete the challenges and training sessions.
    2) Do not spend any money on any techniques yet.
    3) Do not fight.

    Ultimately you will want to 1) Fully master all defensive techniques and 2) Buy all combos. Waiting to save up the $60k will help you greatly and save you some REAL money if you decide to speed things up by buying some Pro Points.

    EDIT: Things changed with the v0.75 update, start reading at post #109

    Level Cardio/Health/Stamina
    1 15/15/100
    2 18/15/100
    3 21/15/100
    4 21/18/100
    5 24/18/100
    6 25/20/100
    7 28/20/100
    8 30/21/100
    9 33/21/100
    10 36/21/100
    11 39/21/100
    12 42/21/100
    13 44/22/100
    14 47/22/100
    15 50/22/100
    16 52/23/100
    17 55/23/100
    18 58/23/100
    19 61/23/100
    20 64/23/100
    21 66/24/100
    22 69/24/100
    23 71/25/100
    24 74/25/100
    25 76/26/100
    26 79/26/100
    ~I will complete the rest as I level up~

    Credits - Much of the credit for this guide belongs to these guys
    Dung Poo

    Getting Sparring Partners Fast

    If you want the big $$$s to get those uber skills quickly then I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a bunch of sparring partners .... that or you can whip out the plastic and buy Pro Points.

    Posting a "Add me" link to your Facebook profile is the lazy person's way to grow your list. IMO it is a waste of your time because you are relying on other people to help you to grow your list and more then likely they are even more lazy than you. This method takes less effort on your part and is MUCH faster!

    Adding players on Facebook
    1) Go to the website's "Mass Email" thread/s, then go to the very last post.

    2) Swipe over and copy the entire list of the emails.

    3) Open a new browser window, go to Facebook, go to "Accounts" in the upper right corner and to "Edit Friends" and then click "Invite Friends" on the left side. The reason I had you open a new browser window is some sites may have more than one thread and it is easier to get back to it that way.

    4) Paste the email list into the upper "To" box.

    5) IMPORTANT: Type MMA and whatever other games that you play into the bottom "Message" box ... trust me, this increases your chances of getting added and also it helps the other person to place you into their MMA friends group if they divide their friends up like they should be doing.

    6) Hit invite and you are done

    7) Repeat steps 1-6 for each "Mass Email" thread on that site.

    Adding your email to the list
    At the end of the thread on THAT website, paste the list you used up above, place a "," then a space and then your email address and you are done. If you don't understand, just look at the what the other people did, it's easy to figure it out.

    Mass Email threads to use:

    MMA PF Fansites on Facebook: (The Mass Email threads are in the Discussions sections)
    MMA PRO FIGHTER "spar group" http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=105280042850495
    MMA Pro Fighter Spar Partners FAST ADD http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=244742046308
    MMA SPAR CLUB http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=117280908288183
    MMA pro fighter addicteds http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=107993332575369
    MMA pro fighter addy http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=110163565690881
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    Sound advice there Rob,

    At which point do we start to master the offense techniques? or do we just not bother with them?
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    These are all the offensive techniques that you will ever need. If you learn any others, they will trigger a combo with the exception of the highest 6 techniques in each style, they currently (and currently is the key word) do not trigger combos but DC just recently added a combo to each style so I would bet that they will add more in the future so to be on the safe side and so you do not have to start over, I would not learn any other techniques than the six listed below.

    Left Front Kick KB1
    Straight Punch MT1
    Jab B1
    Sitting Armpit Lock J1
    Single-Leg TakeDown BJJ1
    Straight Arm Bar W1
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    similar to Olivenza's guide, i did a reset a few weeks ago and started with Olivenza's guide. it works but i got impatient and wanted to fight etc. and then that league started up and i didn't want to be left out. i finished second in my bronze league, could of been first but was gone for 2 days. after this silver leagues ends i believe i am going to reset myself again and do it right just like you and Olivenza said. and see how that works out for me.

    i've found in the silver leagues i need more health than i ran thru bronze league with, most of bronze league i was at 20 health. i did level up and begin building my health up. i now have a much greater understanding of it all now.

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    That's good info to know, thanks pardner. Hey if you don't mind, currently what is your level and health/cardio stats at? Also if could revise it at your current level, what health and cardio stats would you do now?
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    ok let's see how i am set up atm. 44 health/100 cardio/160 stamina. stamina is up only because of the no limit on leagues now. before i had it at 150 which would let me do 2 fights per 15 minutes in last league. my level is 41 almost 32 because i tend to do fights when waiting for stamina to refill for league fights.

    also i did things a tad different offensively, i am mt/bjj of course but when i started i messed up on offensive techniques, because during original league play i was not doing much dmg. so i bought a couple of other offensive moves in MT.i messed up and bought the second offensive technique. realizing my mistake there, when i got high enough level i purchased the big dmg techniques to try and score some 3 point ko's. i nabbed up round kick to thigh and knee to mid-section. i have not bought any other offensive techniques in MT since i got those. i have almost all of my MT combos, and about 3/4 of my BJJ combos to my level. then i am constantly buying all the defensive techniques i can when the $$$$ permits.

    also so you know i am a non$ player. i do whatever free offers i can for propoints, and 99% of the time i convert them to cash to buy techniques.

    today i have been looking oveer the leaders in my division of silver league and am seeing how some people have roughly almost 200 fights already, i am seeing some super stamina builds, league leader atm has something like 280 stamina, which to me seems totally excessive. but i do not know what the upper limit of stamina is for league fights yet. atm my fights are about 65 or so stamina. so i can get a couple or 3 fights per full stamina.

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    Thanks, that is great info.

    Something to watch out for ..... I have a 2nd acct and have been testing with it and noticed something the other day. I made the fighter and was given the 1st tech in MT and the 2nd in BJJ which is not what I wanted but I decided to go ahead and have some fun, I got him to like level 17, went to the shop and the 1st & 2nd MT techniques had switched positions putting them out of sequence. I wish I had gotten a screenshot of it so I could turn it in but if you all see that as you are leveling up, don't get fooled by it.

    BTW This is what the stamina cost in the leagues looks like ... thanks again for the info.
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    nice name "Juko-Ryu Jujutsu" but i taught the name was "Kobashi Kenta" based on some players
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    Thanks .... After using Google to find Kenta Kobashi's Wiki page and also me being a pro wrestling fan for close to 30 years, I'm sort on embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of him. Also, i'm sorry but I really don't see what you are trying to say or what he has to do with this.
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    thanks robert for the stamina breakdown, really appreciate it.

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