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View Poll Results: Would you like to see female characters added to the game?

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  • Yes (please comment and tell why?)

    130 91.55%
  • No (please comment and tell why not?)

    12 8.45%
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    it would be cool and more fun with female characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSPOnYourGrave View Post
    I like the idea, but would rather have the dev's work on other features/upgrades to the game
    I agree here..

    and no i think it would be stupid to have Female fighters for one... every little boy will go play some hot looking female to fight with.. childish.. plus the females are suppose to be the ones nibbleing on your ear and rubbing your shoulders motivating you to get your ass back in there to fight.

    now haveing women join up and have there own Ring girl would be cool.

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    Default Human Rights

    yes bcoz its represent the rights of a woman... equilibrium the sense of balance...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dylz View Post
    Ye I don't see why not

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    females fighters are hot, we should definitely have them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brawler View Post
    I'm up for it, especially if the characters would look anything like Gina Carano or Erin Toughill! However, some might think that man vs. female fighting shouldn't be displayed even in a game.

    But I tell you, I would enjoy a wrestling match with either of these opponents anytime

    hot fighter!!!!

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    Default I Vote Yes

    I vote yes so females can enjoy this game too cause I really want to see a female fighter and I want to show it to my sister cause my sister want action with female fighting. haha so It would be cool if there will be a female fighters.

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    alot female fighter in RL
    so why not in game?

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    I would really prefer to have a female fighter since I am female.

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    Default MercuryRising

    Absolutely you should also have female characters. It's only fair. You aren't fighting against the character, your fighting against the build of the character. It's all about winning or losing not the looks of the character.

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