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    Here are a few easy fixes.

    1) Any gear that can be bought with PP should be able to be bought with a value equal to the in game cash value of PP.

    2) Allow players to become spar partners without the need to be FB friends (this is done on other games). For instance...after you fight someone you send a spar request to them. This whole mass add email stuff is CRAP...FB frowns upon this and people who put their names on this list are now reporting those who send a request for spam, even when MMA is mentioned, or maybe that is why.

    3) Allow gang fights to be re-playable. This was explained in depth here... http://forums.digitalchocolate.com/s...ad.php?t=17820

    4) Have someone from the DEV team answer questions on here. No offense to the Moderators on here, but you are just middle men who love this game. It feels as though there is a disconnect from what most people are asking for and what is actually being worked on. There have been many good posts and the only response is wait, be patient, it's being worked on. I can not believe that it takes months to fix an issue with the spar challenge, or any other issue like that.

    Bottom line if you have a product make it good, support your customer base. DO NOT string people along with half truths and missed deadlines. Prove to your fans that you are working on fixing things. Because just saying it does not get the point across when you have failed to meet those expectations in the past.

    Please do not take my words for bitterness, but rather passion for what I feel. I do like this game and I hope it does well, I am just not very confident that the DEV team is listening and actually working on what people are asking for.

    P.S. Why not look at all the ideas that have been posted, make an in game poll and ask what people would like the most.
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    I have some good news,

    The Devolper team just informed me, that are working on creating a lot more stuff for the SHOP, for PP buyers and Normal users as well.

    And fixing another bugs, i'll keep you posted on this!
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    The Dev team sure is working on a lot of new things according to the Mods here...to bad we players are not seeing any new things.

    Drop...the "new techs" do not count...they are not for everyone, nor are they what everyone was asking for.

    Maybe if this great new dev team focused on one thing at a time we would actually see new things come out. Not just see the Mods post "Hey guys new stuff is being worked on" or "the Dev team is working on fixing these bugs". Read my previous posts on blowing smoke up peoples @sses or go read the book about the kid who cried wolf all the time. Stop saying things are coming and show us.

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    Default very nice!!

    the new gym is very very nice.. its so easy to find the guy/girl you want to, thx!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miklo View Post
    the new gym is very very nice.. its so easy to find the guy/girl you want to, thx!!
    You are very welcome!
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    Please fix bugs first before add up bunch of new stuff that affect only limited people.

    Especially the cardio drop problem when an opponent gassed out.

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    Default ...

    MMA profighter will, and are the best game ever!

    Thanks for the updates, that was pretty nice, and we needed it!

    Many thanks from me and denmark.. I have one thing to say: Do 2 leauges @ a week!!! :-)

    Mads /

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    Thanks Miklo,
    we are very proud of MMA and also of our work on it to update, improve and fix the game. For sure is not an easy and quick job but we are demonstrating you that we are on it, more than active!

    Keep on fighting!

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    I here my wishlist

    Combos - please make combos add additional 10 points if used during a league victory, i paid so much money for those yet i have to disable them each time i am in a league NOT FUN AT ALL!

    Powerlevel during league - it is a legitimate game tool to gain power BUT EVERYONE AGREES ITS ANNOYING, here i have the simplest and easy solution to it:
    At the moment player registers for a league, his level is counted as
    "league standard", if a player gains more then 2 levels [from the time he registered until the league ends] then he will be marked as DISQUALIFIED.
    Player marked Disqualified cannot enter in to the top 5, or its automatically removed from top 5

    I damn hate shadow raccon shorts
    This game have many cool looking clothes, its a shame they are useless...
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