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    Default Platinum Achievement Rewards - Energizer

    Anyone have any information on what these exactly are or what they do?

    I'm looking at possibly finishing the Energizer Platinum achievement, but all it says for the reward is "All You Can Eat" with a picture of a turkey. Does that mean infinite food (unlikely) or just a lot of food?

    Reason I'm asking is because in order to earn the achievement, I'm going to have to lose quite a bit of sleep tonight.

    For those wondering, the platinum reward for Energizer requires 500 energy spent within 24 hours.

    The Gold requires 200.

    The Silver was 100 if I remember correctly.

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    12 per hour x24 hours = 288
    220 missing = 1650 food required

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    Yes you are rite... The platinum reward gives you the chicken that you can eat it will refill your energy (One time use only)..... And it give +2 to your total energy..

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    it should be permanently added to market menu for some silly amount of food, like 1k (500 bell peppers >_>)
    and let me guess, golden crop is also one time only use >_> what a let down

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    The energiser reward is one time only; however I think you can use the golden crop a few times - if not infinite purchase from the store as I've seen a lot of my high-level neighbours grow it

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    what about the laser sword?

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    Laser Sword is a +2 melee weapon. Quite handy if you're going for the melee achievement.
    Any info on the Invisibility Ring?

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    Default ring

    invisible ring... not invisibility ring

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    This has been discussed before a lot of times. Rob has said before this is working, just because it does not do something you can see it doesn't mean it is not working.
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    Yeah, was kinda disappointed it was a one time use, shoulda been like a once a day energy refill.

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