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    Default Millionaire City Forum Rules

    Millionaire City forum rules.

    • All posts in this forum must comply with the Digital Chocolate Terms of Service, you can find the terms here: http://forums.dchoc.com/showthread.php?t=6
    • Keep a good tone and do not post inappropriate / obscene language or content. This includes but is not limited to usage of vulgar or sexually expressions. This forum is for everybody from the age 13 and up and therefore the posted content should be appropriate for everybody to read. This also includes posting of links to other web pages.
    • Post only in English. Threads posted in other languages will be locked or moderated to ensure that majority of users can follow the discussions.
    • Do not use selective characters / symbols to try and avoid the forum filters.
    • No insults or attacks against other users or groups will be accepted. The thread will be locked or deleted and repetition will result in banning from the forum.
    • Do not be rude to other members or groups. This includes but is not limited to intimidating others, implying insults, focusing on the person instead of the topic and continuing arguments which Digital Chocolate staff has asked to stop. This also includes but is not limited to posting in capital letters only which is considered offensive or rude.
    • Do not create any threads / contests / games or give-aways that are discriminating users based on gender, age, religion, location, physical appearance or sexual orientation.
    • It is not acceptable to trade or transfer in game items and / or accounts for real currency and / or any other currency.
    • No spamming allowed. Spamming is defined as posting the same thing repeatedly and especially external websites are not welcome. If a user continues to post spam in the forums the user will be prohibited access to the forums.
    • No posting with the only intention to increase post count on your profile. If you don’t feel like you have anything to say about the subject then don’t post anything. Posting to increase post count will be considered as spam and actions will be taken hereafter.
    • Do not cross post. Post your topic once to the correct forum and nowhere else or else the thread might be merged, locked or deleted by the moderators.
    • Posting false or misleading information is prohibited
    • Before posting please use the search function to ensure that no other similar threads already exist.
    • Make sure that you are posting in the correct forum. The forum is divided into different topics making it easier to navigate around. Before posting check the forum’s topic and limitation. Posts which are in the wrong forums will be moved to the correct forum, locked or deleted.
    • Political discussions which are not directly related to Digital Chocolate games are prohibited as well as any discussions on religious matters.
    • Do not publish personal information on this forum such as email address, phone number or address. If you need information to add a person as a friend, ask for their profile address from Facebook.
    • It is not allowed to create multiple registrations and Digital Chocolate staff will remove duplicated accounts.
    • Digital Chocolate staff and moderators reserve the right to edit, remove, merge, lock or moderate any posts and topics created in this forum as well as imposing bans or removing users which are not following the forum rules. The determination of what is considered rude, vulgar, spam etc. noted in the above points is decided by the Digital Chocolate staff and moderators.
    • The above mentioned rules also apply to private messaging, visitor wall messaging and thread tagging.

    With Money-making regards,
    Ronald Goldtooth

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    Default Glad I read this...

    I like to be INFORMED when I join something online so as not to be a bother to others. I am glad I have read this 1st. Peace all!!!

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