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    Or records to throw like Shaun of the Dead.

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    Zombie Survivor(you) mask. What a thing to wear while parading around killing Zombies, act now and get a special 1 coin discount only 999 with shipping and handling.

    Also, call now within the next day of purchasing this mask and you get access to 3 new costumes including Janitor, Construction and Waitress outfits. Available ony with a Zombie Survivor Mask.

    Fine print: Digital Chocolate is not liable for any Zombie-fication that you may suffer from as a result from wearing clothes from a Zombie. If you become a brain-dead zombie please contact customer support and we'll send you a complimentary Zombie Smell Eradicator Spray. *Warning* Zombie spray kills Zombies, do not use if your are either
    *A Zombie.
    *Turning into a Zombie.
    *Look like a Zombie.
    Do not spray into eyes, ingest, smell, touch, look at, hear, or make a weapon out of the ZSE Spray. ZSE spray is manufactured by *File Missing* and distributed by *File Missing*

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    Nazi Zombieeeesssss!!

    American Football Zombies!

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    Default Accessories...

    ...hey, how about a Unisex Option...TATTOOS!

    And a great addition to the game...getting tired of repairing fences...buy this...

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    Default Entries from Perú...

    Hi... here are some entries to this SO COOL game...

    1.- a trench coat...

    2.- a nice pair of goth swords...

    3.- a paintball gun...

    4.- kevlar boots...

    5.- kevlar vest...

    6.- and a red shirt with webgear to create my own DUKE NUKEM!!! (please oh please)

    For the environment... a findable treasure chest (only if you have an eyepatch and a pair of hooks)... maybe some brick wall or some land mines...

    Some events would be nice... raid a museum or rescue some neighbors...

    Hope you like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ishout View Post
    hahahahahaha wiinnnn!!!

    Don want, do want!!!

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    Default new accessory





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    Howdy Survivors!

    Wow! You guys rock! I've only started to go through the first few pages and I'm loving all your ideas! The competition has closed! Rob will go through the entries with the Neighbourhood Watch Team very soon, Good Luck to all that entered!

    I can't wait to see who wins!!

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