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    Quote Originally Posted by Wudong View Post
    Cities which regenerate energy,
    if there are no refunding on energy based clicks at our buildings...

    Being able to convert larger quantaties amount of supplies or cash...
    into ->
    cash -> supplies
    supplies -> cash
    These features are already built into the game. For energy, build Boot Camps (+1 energy/8hrs), Factories (+1 energy/8hrs), and Test Sites (+2 energy/24 hrs).

    Build enough buildings (i.e. HQs) and you will never have a supplies problem. Infact, I recommend players aim to replace all there drop zones with buildings at some point - it just takes a ton of building materials. Find your balance between supplies and energy.

    If you cap your supplies inventory, there are nine or so cities you can convert supplies into cash with. If you need supplies - open the winter maps - the cities there convert cash to supplies.

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    Great game, But 1 -1.. I cant set my own language.

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    how do you gain energy benifit from HQs? It costs you 1 energy to gather resources from itself, when giving you 1 energy
    meanwhile you gain 0 energy when collecting from it
    only test sites give you +1 energy when collected

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    Quit losing your connection with HQ!! Really startin to pizz me off. Seems when I'm gettn my but kicked all is good but as soon as I start kicking but..."Looks like we lost connection with HQ". BS

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