Attention Recruits!

Some major changes have occurred to bug reporting behind the scenes which means now we can send your bugs directly to specific departments and get a better response back. But with this we will also need more information from your side to help with the bug tracking. When reporting a bug please fill in the following information:

In the Title: of your thread, please put a brief summary of your bug rather than just "Bug".

In the Message: of your thread, please include the following information:
  • Your Facebook ID,
  • Description of the bug,
  • Steps to Reproduce,
  • If there's an error code that popped up, what was it?
  • Your Operating System (which version/update pack),
  • Your Browser/s (which version),
  • Your Flash Version,
  • and if this issue occurred specifically because of an update (and if so which Update).

An Example of this is:
Title: Gift accepted, Reload
FB ID: 100000015088467
Description: I accepted a gift, and code a forced reload.
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Load the game
2. Go to inbox
3. Accept "Enemy Intel"
4. Go to game
5. Error occurs
Error Code: 2081
OS: Mac OS X 10.6.7
Browser: Safari 5.0.5
Flash: 10,2,152,33
Did not get caused by update.
With this more, detailed, information it means we'll be able to reproduce your bug easier and therefore hopefully solve it a lot more quicker!

Now get to the battle field!

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