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    If anyone is having trouble defending against the stormtroopers... you are retodded. If you set your defenses up correctly, they can only make it past with at most 3 health remaining, they still move stupidly.

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    when will you be adding new maps?

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    Default Cool Game

    So i have no Probs with The Updates... and this stupid HQ kiddys ... go play Farmville... i dont use HQ so often...very Rare keep up that good Game and dont let you guys disturb from this HQ Kiddys^^

    And a nice Pic from my...

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    sigh, good games update with content, and they tweak in between... this one apparently does not update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nela View Post
    i don't mind any changes... change whatever you want... just give us some more maps... all your current changes make no difference to all the people that have absolutely nothing to do but wait for maps... this game was actually fun for a few days... then what???? GIVE US SOME MAPS!!!!!!
    YES YES YES i couldn't explain it better!!! The game becomes boring!!!

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    Sigh...patience commanders.
    Don't worry, I'm a Captain!

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    Its not even worth trying to get the rest of the areas done. every damn time i leave and come back, there's hundreds of units that shouldn't be there and even if you use 3 or 4 at a time to attack, you run out of enery and supplies trying to keep up with it. Its easier to just sell back the units, get the money and then buy 2 more to replace it.

    And now i can't even accept or send stuff, if i do it through it facebook, it gives me a 500 error and if i do it through the game, it freezes.

    Right now i could care less about maps. I just want the basics to work first. Just use the same exact code as you do in zombie lane. I don't get why you have to reinvent the wheel when you already have working code in another game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enricowill View Post
    YES YES YES i couldn't explain it better!!! The game becomes boring!!!
    isn't it hilarious what they've done now? they won't give us the maps that were closed so they give us other maps (world map)... great!!!!!! but... wait... they're not open either!?!?!?!?!?!? what the.......???????

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    Default When is Westen Heights going to open?

    Hi, I like playing the game but I have finished all the Missions and I have finished the Desert too. When is Western Heights going to open or when are you going to add more missions.

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    Anything new? Open a map maybe? Hmmm..???

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