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    Default Help us to help you - Flash and Java Debug

    Hello community,

    In order to HELP us to find the exact problem with your issues, it would be GREAT to follow this guide:


    Flash Debug Player

    It's useful to install this so you can add more information to bug reports. It displays error messages if something unusual happens.

    1. Get it from: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html

    2. For Chrome select: Download the Windows Flash Player 10.3 Plugin content debugger (for Netscape-compatible browsers) (EXE, 3.19MB)

    3. Install it and reboot browser.

    4. Go to following URL: about: plugins

    5. Press '+' to see all the options.

    6. Remove Shockwave Flash from the item that has location: *AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application*

    7. Play the game and whenever you get flash errors you will see a popup.

    Once you get the popup, please post the following information to the problem thread that you created or to trouble ticket you will submit:

    Quick description:
    Popup log:

    Thanks a lot!...

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    Hey guys,

    Other than the Flash Debug we could use additional information such as Java debug.
    To reach the Java debug please use Google Chrome or Firefox. In either of them click and hold Ctrl+Shift+J.

    In Firefox:

    Once you open the game and the debugger, clear all error history and try to do the action that isn't working and gives you problems.
    After you see the errors, copy them to the forum and the bug will take a lot less time to fix.

    In Google Chrome:
    Under "console" tab you can see errors and warnings. The errors that are highlighted in red are what is needed to by the team. With the debugger opened in the bottom, try to do what isn't working and see if a red error shows up. If it does, copy the error and post it here.

    Thanks in advance and happy slaying,
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