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    Default Google Plus Zombie Lane Issues

    I know a lot of everything around Google Plus is beta. This game included. I couldnt find any area on the forums to report a bug.

    Things I have found:

    Any/Every Timed mission changes. And you cant have two timed missions at different times. The newest will change its count down to the oldest.

    Here is what has been happening:

    Receive First quest to kill 50 zombies in 12 hours.
    Kill a few zombies, fix a few fences.
    Exit game to the Plus Games area. (total of 5 minutes)
    Log into another game for a total of 2 minutes.
    Log back into Zombieland and instead of having only 7-8 minutes off I am down to 5 hours.
    I plant some fruit. Kill some zombies.
    I get another quest thats timed.
    It says wait 10 hours for so and so.
    I look at the quest and before my eyes it jumps down to the time that I have left on my first timed mission (the one to kill 50 undead).

    I would of just thought that it was a fluke. I failed one of the kill 50 zombie missions because every hour when I would come in and play I would loose an extra hour off the clock. I tested this on 2 Google Plus accounts and had someone run through with the same scenario (its hard to miss it just starting the game). And they ran into the same Time Vortex issue.

    Another issue or just a complaint, Useful drops are very rare. And early missions that require the crafted items (the kill super awesome zombie police guys for one) and a lot of them are very very common. The loot table needs to be a bit more user friendly.

    Thank you. I know the first one has to be a bug and all.

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    I can confirm the problem with timed missions on G+. Don't remember how it was with the 1st one, but with the 2nd (kill 50 zombies in 10 hours) I lost about 3 hours due to leaving the game and coming back; at the end, I simply let the game running in one tab until the mission was over.

    On the other hand, I can visit the neighbors and get 5 actions at least 3 times a day, not once in 24 hours Maybe it's related. The neighbors glitch is good, but perhaps it's not worth it if it results in unwinnable missions.

    Another bug: sometimes upon reloading the game (due to lost connection or other reasons), or upon leaving and coming back, the recently planted crops disappear, and some items in the playing area (e.g. fences, furniture) are reset to one of their previous states.

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    I'm having the same time issue as well. My timed quests are getting reduced by HOURS if I log out for a few minutes.

    I'm also not getting my daily bonus coins, I log in every day but each time it says I'm on the first day. I also get that notification at least twice a day...

    I put in a support ticket about it yesterday, but have not heard back.

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    Hey guys,

    Thank you for reporting this and I am sorry for the inconvenience.
    The issue has been forwarded to the team and will be investigated next week.

    Forum Using Guide: Search function and finding your posts.
    Read the Forum Rules & Terms of Service, not reading them doesn't rid you of following them.

    If you PM me about a bug, include your User ID/ FB ID/ G+ ID otherwise it is pointless and makes me ask for it.
    The secret to getting people to do extra in order to help you is appropriate behavior. No one will want to do extra for you unless you know how to behave.

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    I've noticed a few things playing on G+ but brushed most of them off as they were minor and it's a new platform. However, this last one has caused me a lot of pain.

    I had 42 bricks saved when I got the quest to build the garden shed.

    I bought the shed, and started building. I got about 5 clicks in and "Oops, something went wrong!" Game reloads.

    When I get back in, my 5 energy and 10 bricks are gone, but the Garden shed is still at 0/16 clicks. Annoyed, but still with 32 bricks left, I clicked again.

    This time I got to 13/16 clicks before, "Oops, something went wrong!" Game reloads.

    This basically kept happening until I was again out of both energy AND bricks and the Garden shed is back at 0/16. I had to use food to buy energy as the game was not giving me energy or bricks back while undoing my actions.

    Now, not only do I have no energy, and have 16 clicks to go again, but I also have no bricks. So I'm going to have to spend 32 energy clicking through rubble before I can even start the shed again, then an additional 16 energy to build ASSUMING it doesn't glitch out again and reset by energy/bricks without giving me credit.

    Please help?
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    Default Crops Dissappearing

    Well, I planted 60+ bell peppers only to return a few minutes later with only 19 left and all my money gone. Snooping around the forums, I see this has plagued Facebook users for months. It's sad that it has come over to Google+. I've submitted a ticket, but if I don't get refunded the coins within the week, I'm afraid this will be yet another glitch ridden game I quit playing after putting in many long hours.

    I've tried the workarounds that Facebook users have come up with, but with no success.

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    Default Fence bug

    Hello. I want to report that, there's a bug with the fence (on Google Plus version). They are not getting broken by the zombies. So i'm stuck now with my Spouse - Team Work quest. I sold the other fences for money and have nothing to repair because it's not getting broken.

    Thanks for understanding.

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    Default Zombie Lane Beta

    Hey everyone,

    Even tough it may not state it, Zombie Lane for Google+ is still in beta so there will be a lot of kinks that still need to be ironed out before you can get the same experience as the Facebook version. Please do continue to play the game there and troubleshoot as needed (described in the stickies) but at the moment we recommend the Facebook version for a better experience.

    Thanks for playing Zombie Lane!


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