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    Default Suggestion

    I thought I remember a suggestion thread... maybe it was for facebook. Anyway...

    I thought it may be good to find a way to make pop-ups less annoying. Often when you are trying to rack up big coin combos, you'll get two pop-ups basically asking about your energy. I figure that the second one can be entirely removed... or... Maybe make it so that you can exit out of them by clicking anywhere on the screen outside of that box.

    I know, it is a minor little thing, but I figured I'd suggest it (I don't even know if that is possible to code in).

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    Default move from facebook to google+

    this would be sweet! but I'm not above starting over again

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    Hey organix,

    As much as I am aware of, the combo timer stops when the pop ups come.

    There is no reason to make suggestion thread here. Suggestion section is for all since the game is the same and if a suggestion is accepted it will be implemented in both anyhow.

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    Sorry... I just noticed there was a suggestion forum. I should've looked around before posting. I'll take this over there.

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