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    Exclamation Official Facebook "Add Me" Thread - No Emails!

    Welcome to the official Facebook "Add Me" Thread!

    You can post your Facebook neighbor requests here. This thread is here in order to help everyone have easier time adding friends.

    Posts should include a link to your Facebook profile, for example, http://www.facebook.com/Hore.Soumik.
    (When sending me a request, please specify that you are a GL player.)

    Please do not post emails, they will be removed by a moderator.

    Also, only post links for your own profile (No "add my friend/husband/wife"). These will also be removed.

    If you see a post that includes an email, or an ID that is not the poster's, please PM me, or Kyle$calise with a link to the post.

    Thanks for your cooperation!
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    Spoiler for But don't tell anyone!:

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    Default Add me too

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    add me , Suppose no point in daily gifting since we all get 1 per 24 to open and probably have 10 already lol.


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    nobody should add jake hoffam as he is using the friend bar to attack others

    EDIT(by Kyle$calise): Please do not post anybody else's Facebook ID but your own.
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