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    Default Potential No Neighbors Bug Fix #2


    This one comes from underxenith and I wanted to add it at the top here. I just got hit by this bug and his solution worked for me. If you have alot of neighbors (like me) it's very labor intensive but it worked.

    1) Go to "My Neighbors" tab in the game
    2) Carefully check each neighbor listed is the game is also in your G+ circles
    3) If you find any neighbors not in your G+ circles, remove them from your "My Neighbors" list

    I had one that wasn't in my G+ circles, tried to re-add him and the his G+ page said "Profile not found."

    Hope this helps as well.


    Ok, update on the missing neighbor issue. I found another problem with neighbors that will cause your "Play" screen neighbor bar to be empty (except for Rob).

    1) In G+ open your Circles tab
    2) Click on "People in your Circles"
    3) Scroll through and look for a envelope icon on any of your G+ Circle friends (that icon means they don't have a G+ account, but you can share via email) Note those friends.
    4) Open ZombieLane and click on the "My Neighbors" tab
    5) Remove any neighbors from step #3 above.
    6) Reload ZombieLane

    Tested and worked for me when I was hit with the no neighbor bar bug again.

    Note: If you don't have your some of your neighbors in a current circle, to fix this bug you will need to re-add them temporarily to your circles and then check for the envelope icon. Thanks to a friend of mine pointing this out.

    Hope this helps!

    Original fix:


    Last edited by Arislen; 12-19-2011 at 09:39 AM. Reason: Added fix by underxenith

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    yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it worked for me, thumbs up detective
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    thanks a lot
    worked for me too
    i have 1 with the small envelope, i remove it then my neighbor appear

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    Thumbs up Thanks to Arislen for great detective work!

    THANK YOU ARISLEN! I found I had 8 people in my ZL circle who seem to have left Google Plus (I don't know any of them in the RW so would not have added them by email) and 3 of them were the culprits - my game neighbors. This is most likely going to be an ongoing problem when people leave G+ so the devs AND G+ may have to find a way to take action at their end, like maybe automatically removing people from games who leave G+ or who even revoke permission for the game. Facebook does it so there should be a way.

    At least we now know, but how many others will know? There should be a sticky by the devs on this one as well as a link to that sticky at the top of the game for those who have never been to the forum. Otherwise, the player count is going to sink like a brick.

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    Hey Arislen

    Awesome I guess it works for all users.But still i have notified the issue to the team and hope they will fix the issue ASAP.

    I guess this was causing the problem of displaying the neighbors and would certainly help the developers to fix the issue.

    Chocoholic RV

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    Thank you. Cleared no-more-using-G+ persons, fixed some off-circles... now it works

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazingly helpful workaround! <3<3<3

    Just wanted to add, for anyone else having this, if you have a hard time finding the envelope icons there's another way to find the errant contacts (I gave up after scrolling through the first 50 contacts of 300) You can go to share a post, click on your circles to share with, and it will show the names of them all at the link on the bottom where it says 'also email __person not yet using g+'
    (You can't see them if you click "Your circles", you actually have to click on each circle to share with to see)

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    You all are most welcome.

    Consider it an early Christmas/Winter Holiday gift!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Arislen View Post
    You all are most welcome.

    Consider it an early Christmas/Winter Holiday gift!

    ARG! I did this backwards. Instead of noting the names in my ZL circle with only email accounts and removing them as neighbors I on accident removed them from my circle first and then realized I didn't note them so I couldn't remove them as neighbors.

    Anyone know if there's something that can be done now or am I just left with removing all my neighbors and praying that they all add me back?

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    I went to my circles and selected "people in your circles" then "select all" and noted the amount of people it said were not members at the bottom then went through and wrote down all of their names.

    I checked the names to those on the "my neighbors". I found 3 and removed them as neighbors. I also removed all the people with envelopes from "people in your circles" because i didn't know any of them personally and figured they deleted their account anyway.

    Refreshed ZL and I am still not seeing my neighbors on the bar. I also went through and checked for neighbors with no name and found none. The picture size of the neighbors have been fixed and a few pictures are not showing up. Not sure if removing the ones with no pictures would help or not.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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