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    Default Winter map conquered!


    I've restored peace in the nation of Nordurland

    With the enemies in the borderlines

    So i just need to sit back and attack enemies in the frontline using elite rocket batteries while enjoying the red army got smashed by sniper foxholes

    And ultimately, there are no enemy parachutes

    Visit my thread for strategies to deal with winter map


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    but still u have the mission which in hold in the line... I hope it will stop on mission 10 to kill 1000 enemy unit

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    It is an infinite mission. But at least this is what the map should end. The only thing i do in winter map here is to get supplies from towns and then i use my daily energies to collect supplies in hometown and do VS-mode.

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    I hate to ask...But how much did all of this cost? Rofl :P
    United We stand, Divided We fall

    The Reds are arriving, they shall not pass these walls.

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    Wink Wow!

    Quote Originally Posted by ArmyMongers View Post
    I hate to ask...But how much did all of this cost? Rofl :P
    ...and how much supplies you've consumed? I bet more than 100k!

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    i only burn supplies versus Missile Towers (since they have Range 4)

    The rest are piece of cake as you can one hit KO everything by having four elite rocket batteries or four normal rocket batteries to aim at one target.

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    Hey tromka..so u completed some of Hold the Line ? And waht you get after completing each?

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    Default Hold the line.

    I'm most of the way through hold the line 6. Its just a time, energy, and suppy killer. I can keep my supplies up to almost 300k so energy and time are the only waste really.

    Its good to build up collections and get xp I guess.

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    Nope. I didn't continue hold the line ever since its infinite mission. I used up energies to do VS-mode instead.

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    So there are countless Hold the line missions in winter map? Just reached Hold the line IX.

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