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    Default help with gang fight

    hi my guy is knocked out and it wont let me add ppl from facebook but i need help

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    You can copy the knockout link and post it on the news wall, or in a fb group, that way you wont have to add friends.

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    West Side Gang Henchmen's life

    A big match is on tonight at the MMA stadium and you don’t want to miss it. You pull into the car park and as you open your car door you can hear a commotion coming from the main entrance to the arena.
    You are curious to investigate the disturbance, as you approach the entrance you see several thugs threatening and bullying the queuing fans and a large man with his arms crossed laughing and encouraging the thugs. You don’t know how this has happened but it’s a one sided fight and the fans are in trouble… 'Damn it! Coach Gordon is going to kill me for this', you throw off your jacket, clench you fists and ran towards the gang.
    Group Reward:
    Cash: $600
    Experience: 705
    Random loot drop:

    Time remaining
    Revive now!
    Critical hit!

    - grizzly
    Lv. 176924 Damage

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