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    Default Gangs of Boomtown FAQ

    FAQ & Game Play Help!
    Welcome to the Gangs of Boomtown FAQ & GamePlay section. This is where the most commonly asked questions will be answer in one neat guide. If you feel like there should be a question here, then post the question here!

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    Game Play Questions

    Can I restart the game and start from the beginning?
    Unfortunately not right now, but in the future it may become possible to replay previous missions!

    How can I customize the Avatar?
    You can access the character customization options by clicking on the Customisation Icon next to your character portrait on the bottom-left corner.

    There are numerous customization and clothing options for you to explore. You may change your gender at any time during the game.

    How can I increase the Boomtown population?
    Once you have increased your Population Limit it is time to increase the amount of citizens! Add HOUSES to increase the number of Boomtowners living in your town.
    Houses produce RENTS for you to collect, so make sure you keep them stocked with Goods.
    Houses require special Items to finish, which you can find by killing enemies and collecting loot from other buildings.

    How can I increase the Goods storage capacity?
    You can increase this limit by adding Storage facilities. Add Storage Silos, Barns and Sheds found in the SHOP, under the FARMING tab to increase your storage capacity.
    You can add as many storage buildings as you like!

    How can I increase the Population Limit?
    Add buildings from the POPULATION BUILDINGS tab in the SHOP to increase the population limit.
    Each building increases the limit and allows you to build more houses!
    Ask Friends to help you finish population buildings, or use Gold to finish instantly.

    How do I unlock new areas on the map?
    You unlock new areas by completing missions. Remember to check out the mission objectives on the left of the screen if you need a reminder of what to do next!
    Missions may be instantly completed by using Gold.

    What are Skills ?
    Skills are boosters to help you along your way. Skills help you fight enemies, finish buildings and find items.
    Every time you Level Up you can assign 1 point to a different skill.
    You can review your Skills in the INVENTORY, under the SKILLS tab.

    What is health regeneration?
    The health for each assassin and boss enemy regenerates after you fired your first shot. The rate of regeneration depends on the enemies levels and it tweaked individually.

    How do I win Duels?
    The key to winning a Duel is a combination of clever choices. Select a reliable weapon, boost your skills to improve your odds, and hope for a little bit of luck!
    You can check weapon attributes by accessing the SHOP and clicking on the WEAPONS tab.
    Check out the Damage, Head Shot and Draw Speed values to help you make your choice before Duels!

    What is Duel?
    Dueling is fighting against other players in Ghost Town or neighboring Boomtowns.
    You can access Ghost Town by clicking on the DUEL ICON which is found on the right of your screen, or opening the MAP and clicking on the Ghost Town icon.
    Visit neighboring Boomtowns by hovering over a Friends’ portrait in the NEIGHBOR bar at the bottom of the screen and selecting VISIT.
    Click on an opponent to start a Duel.
    Dueling consumes unique Duel Ammo.

    How do Duels work
    The system behind the duel is split in three parts.
    In the first part, the system calculates your weapons’ draw speed based on your gun and “Quick Draw” skill in order to determine if a head shot takes places in the next phase.

    In the second phase, the winner of the quick draw gets to try and obtain a headshot. The value is derived from your weapons’ bonus (better weapon, better headshot chances) and from your “Head Shot: Revolver” and “Head Shots: Rifles and Shotguns” skill. After calculating your head shot bonus there is an internal “dice roll” which establishes your chances for an instant win.

    If the “dice roll” failed in the previous phase, the system moves to the third and final phase. Here it gathers all the attributes from the gun and skills (Damage, Draw Speed, Head Shot Odds! and Weapon Rating) and then calculates the chances of a win.

    What are the leaderboards?
    The leaderboards are a cool new way of seeing which one of your friends is the best gunslinger in the West.
    To be number one and show off your skills, you just need to fight in Ghostown!
    The Boomtown citizens will hold a tournament each week, and if you can impress them with your high score they will reward you with awesome prizes!
    What is the weekly tournament?
    You can compete against your friends in the weekly tournament and the one with the highest score wins a very special gold prize.
    The tournaments ends every Sunday at midnight (server time) so you can play with all your friends from all over the world!
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    Resources & Items Questions
    Why are my neighbors not getting my gifts?
    For your neighbor to receive a gift, you must both be in each other's circle. There is only a Google+ notification that someone sent a gift, but no in-game notification.
    How can I get more Coins?
    Coins are found throughout Boomtown! The most effective way of collecting Coins is to COLLECT RENT from houses. Houses need to be stocked with Goods before you can collect Rent.
    Also, you can find Coins by defeating bandits and Assassins, exploring the buildings in each district and clearing debris.
    You will get Coins as rewards for completing missions and achievements too!
    You can purchase additional Coins with normal payment options from the ‘GET COINS’ tab, or by clicking the (+) icon on the Coins meter.

    How can I get more Duel Ammo?
    Duel Ammo is automatically regenerated over time until the ammo bar is full – the maximum is 6 shots of Ammo.
    Quick refills of Duel Ammo can be purchased with Gold from the SHOP, found under the PACKS tab.

    How can I get more Energy ?
    Energy is automatically regenerated over time until the Energy limit bar is full.
    Your Friends can send you GIFTS of Energy packs which are found in your INVENTORY.
    Additional Energy can also be purchased with Gold from the SHOP, found under the PACKS tab. You can also boost your Energy limit here too.

    How can I get more Gold?
    You can purchase Gold with normal payment options from the ‘GET GOLD’ tab, or by clicking the (+) icon on the Gold meter in the top-right.
    Some missions and achievements offer Gold as rewards too!

    How can I get more Goods?
    Get Goods by harvesting crop yields. Find Crops in the FARMING tab in the SHOP.
    You may have as many crops in production as you like.
    Remember that each type of crop has a different production time and produces a different amount of Goods.
    You can purchase additional Goods using Gold. Go to the SHOP and look under the PACKS tab to stock up on Goods
    Friends can send you Goods as Gifts too!

    How do I get new weapons?
    You get a new set of weapons every time you upgrade the Guns of Boomtown building.
    You can buy weapons from the SHOP by clicking on the WEAPONS tab and selecting the weapon of your choice.
    Use Gold to purchase the most powerful guns!

    Where do I get the items to finish buildings?
    You can get Building Items from killing enemies and collecting loot and Rent from your Boomtown houses.
    Clicking on an unfinished building will show you what items you need to finish it. Hover over an item to see which enemy or building will drop it.
    You can also finish the use Gold to finish the building instantly.

    Where do I get the required items to upgrade the Guns of Boomtown building?
    Upgrading the Guns of Boomtown building unlocks new guns. You can find items to upgrade the Guns of Boomtown building by winning Duels and defeating Assassins.
    Hover over an item in the upgrade window to see where it can be found.
    You can also upgrade the building instantly using Gold. Click the USE GOLD button in the upgrade window.

    What is the treasure chest?
    The Treasure Chest appears only in Bandit outposts and its possible locations will be indicated by a treasure chest icon next to the outposts. To open the treasure chest, you will need 10 gold and it drops can vary between coins, energy, farmable items and some very very special prizes.
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