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    Real life zombie proof house...
    don't know if this counts but here is a link to a real life zombie proof house


    My facebook ID is: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001220281171
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    @ Azrael Addonexus
    I was first so back off.
    seventy million coins and counting

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    Default Island Dressing

    No man is an island, unless he moves to one.

    Great for avoiding zombies and retaining normal life, lame at high tide.

    Safe but lonely!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vlastimir View Post
    @ Azrael Addonexus
    I was first so back off.
    Yes Azrael, Vlastimir get first posting those photos...BTW I would remember that "Jobs will be evaluated against originality and safety" obviously that originality is low in jobs made posting photos downloaded from the web.

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    I hope the picture looks good, I've saved on Facebook to put here. It is not to save it to download it from my computer.

    Well I mean. The drawing, as you can see, I've drawn (so it is not perfect hehe). It consists of a very deep moat around the house, followed by an electric fence in case one gets scaled the moat. And if there is a river shortly after surrounding the house. Since we have river fish to eat, that's fine eating vegetables and fruit trees, but a little meat, even fish, it does not hurt. I would have liked to chickens but I also found photos that fit. Of course I've put a little touch of mine, with pink chairs. And I'm there in the middle with my gun in case a zombie gets past the security system so powerful it is.

    I also added a door that has a small bridge and a bridge open to the pit. For if I venture out hehe.

    I had thought also to Rick's photo series "The Walking Dead", but I do not know if you can put photos of actors, in any case he be very good defense

    Hope you like. A big kiss. By the way, not like putting my Facebook ID, where I can find?, Is to add it. Thanks

    Forgive for my English, I use google translator for some words, and I'm not sure if it translates very well.

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    @ OzChz It's perfect if you know that fishing with a crossbow. But man, this is a video game we need something more cool. Landmines, a huge stone (Indiana Jones style) meat grinders etc.

    @ Chocoholic EM give us a break, only the first day, I'll think of something

    @ hadadelasnieves now we talking
    seventy million coins and counting

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    Default my entry!

    fb id is 611226825
    item is golden assault rifle!
    its not the best picture but i tried!
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    Hi familyguy1997,

    Your link doesn't work. Please upload it again.

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    If you PM me about a bug, include your User ID/ FB ID/ G+ ID otherwise it is pointless and makes me ask for it.
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    The one item i didn't get for the xmas gifts and really only i wanted to match my outfit,included in the top right corner of the above image . I'll wall up more once i get cement to make bricks then edit my pic here .
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    My island safe house

    at the entrance
    i have sentry gun for 24 hrs

    inside the house

    living room




    super safe door

    out door swimming pool

    out door jacuzzi

    indoor swimming pool

    home theater

    video game room

    food storage

    energy generator room

    weapon room

    cars that park in the garage

    my boat

    my helicopter
    6 seats available for rescue survivors

    welcome to my house everyone
    you will be fine and safety form zombie 100%

    i have a lot of weapon and food for you

    just you stay here, you will forget zombie apocalypse

    my facebook : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...60&ref=tn_tnmn

    id 100000255224160
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