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    Default Star Base Upgrade (Level 6)

    I have 5 banks all level 10 and a level 5 star base it says I can hold 18,008,000 coins. Yet to upgrade my start base to level 6 I need 22,551,200. So I am holding as many coins as the game will allow me to yet it isn't enough to upgrade my star base to level 6. I would like to upgrade my start base yet I can not.

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    Hi ogres69,

    Getting your starbase to the higher levels requires the use of your colonies' banks.

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    Hi, you need to buy a colony, and build banks there!!
    It will solve the problem of more colonies, and the coin issue!!

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    I have upgraded all my banks on my planet to level 10 and the banks on the colonies are level 8, that gives me enough storage. I suggest doing that, make sure you have built all available banks.

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    Default Hmm

    I have 2 colonies right now and upgrading my observatory to level 3 so I can get a third planet. One has a star base level 2 and the other has star base level 1. I haven't been upgrading them since star batteries are few and far between for me to get. I guess I need to sacrifice some to get them up thou. On the colonies I have I have all the banks it will let me build and to the highest level. I will just start building up my second colony and let my third go for a bit to hopefully get things rolling.
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    Default Lvl 6 base ?


    So first I hope it's the good section to post my problem ...

    Ok so for upgrade my base to lvl 6, I need 22 551 200 coins. But the problem is even with all my bank lvl 10, I don't have /22 551 200 coins. How can I do ? Please help me.


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    In future post problems here --> http://forums.digitalchocolate.com/f...play.php?f=143
    Or questions here http://forums.digitalchocolate.com/f...play.php?f=139
    But don't worry, I am sure a mod will relocate your thread this time ( :

    You need to take over more colonies, upgrade your observatory and colonize an empty planet and build banks/silos to get more storage.

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    Besides part of your SB requirements need 3 planets (your home planet inclusive) so yeah having more colonies helps. Two colonies is more than enough to reach the cap.

    Holding onto that much money is another issue however...

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