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    Pimp Daddy

    Default MMA Pro Fighter update notes: check here what's new

    We are happy to inform that we’ve just updated MMA Pro Fighter with a bunch of new features and fixes! Also check out the list below of features coming shortly in the next updates. Your feedback is highly valued and many of the fixes in this update were identified with your help! See ya on the Ring.

    Play MMA Pro Fighter:

    - You can now fight with fighters of any level, if your friend is of significantly lower level than you the reward from the fight is just adjusted.
    - Bosses give fight rewards even when the levels are very different between the fighters.
    - After winning a boss the popup buttons forwards you to the challenges - this helps you to claim the reward.
    - Improvements to the Ring Girl buttons.
    - Welcome popup now shows last passive fights button. *This is a great way to keep track of who has fought you when you have been away from the game – also gives you a chance for some sweet revenge!
    - Training cash reward shown fixed. Thanks to multiple user highlighting this issue!
    - Added level requirements for boss fights. Many beginners where hammered by the bosses cause they did not know how strong the bosses really were.
    - Balanced inconsistencies in techniques cardio, attack and prices.
    - Many text fixes
    - Decreased the amount of notifications sent by adding some Notification AI
    - Added combat tooltips. Now if you move your mouse over a technique name the corresponding technique icon gets displayed.

    - Ability to restart your character. This has been requested by many users on the forums.
    - Ability to buy attribute points with Pro Points.
    - Item Gifting. You will be able to gift your friends with energy bars and other cool items.
    - More Boss-Fights
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    Pimp Daddy

    Default MMA Pro Fighter v0.50 is live!

    It's time again to announce a new version v0.50 of MMA Pro Fighter. There's a lot of improvements and fixes listed below. Be sure to check out the amazing ‘Free Gifts’ -section. Also if you want gift your friends and wear the special “Fight for Haiti” shorts to show your support for Haiti and the crisis there.
    Pimp Daddy


    - Item Gifting. You will be able to gift your friends with energy bars and other cool items.
    - 2 NEW Boss-Fights, can you beat them?!!!
    a. Steam Roller, level 59, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    b. Neck Crusher, level 69, Kick Boxing and Wrestling
    - 5 New trousers, go and check out how cool they are!
    - More Trash-talk! After the fight there is now several different versions of the trash-talk! Let your friend feel the loss!
    - Added icons for all attacks and defenses, some were missing
    - Improved Tutorial. Less confusion and better control of where to click.
    - More speed options in fight screen. Gives you better control on how long the fight takes.
    - Now the coach tells you the correct techniques to be learnt after losing a fight.
    - Adjusted some Boss fighters properties (Cardio) that appeared to be impossible to beat. Thanks to the MMA users for highlighting this problem!
    - 30 different bugs and smaller fixes and improvements

    - Fix to the combos that many have been commenting on (they are used weirdly and very seldom) We are however working on it and will have them soon fixed.
    - Ability to restart your character. This has been requested by many users on the forums.
    - Ability to buy attribute points with Pro Points.
    - More Boss-Fights on an own dedicated page, possibility to Fight your own Coach!!!
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    Pimp Daddy

    Default MMA Pro Fighter v0.52 is live!

    We are happy to inform that we’ve just updated MMA Pro Fighter with v.0.52. Due to the rapid growth of new users we decided to concentrate on bug-fixes, loading time improvement, scalability and other optimizations. We however also included some new pretty fierce boss-fighters for you to enjoy!

    Pimp Daddy

    Play MMA Pro Fighter:

    V.0.52 Update List
    - Fixed the vertical scrolling problem some users were experiencing with some browsers.
    - Boss fighters bug fixed. No longer you are always fighting the first boss even though you try to fight later bosses.
    - Better way to get your passive fights.
    - Dozens of optimizations in queries and images to improve speed and scalability to support more users.
    - 4 New boss-fighters including Dr. Voodoo

    - Ability to restart your character.
    - Ability to buy attribute points with Pro Points.
    - Special Boss-Fights page with ability to Fight THE COACH!

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    DChoc Moderator Chocoholic NT's Avatar
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    Default MMA Pro Fighter v0.58 is live!

    We are happy to let you know that v0.58 of MMA Pro fighter is now live. We have added cool stuff for you guys:

    - New mean looking boss fighter tab
    - New boss fighter (Coach Gordon)
    - Cool looking flag gloves are now available from the shop
    - Critical bug fixes

    Get them new gloves and start punching like never before

    See you in the ring!

    -Chocoholic NT

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    Default MMA Pro Fighter v0.61 is live!

    Hi guys, sorry for the delay! These are some changes in v0.61:

    - Default fighter name is the Facebook name
    - new popup in shop for buy&use feedback when the item is not needed
    - Combo logic improved
    - Challenge friend button removed

    Bug fixing
    - Removed won/lost from the passive fights
    - Bosses were showing in the MMA fighters screen
    - Bug in inventory when equipping item
    - Fixed links in Fight quickhelp
    - Fixed health/cardio bars view in fights

    New features coming soon, so stay tuned!

    -Chocoholic AO

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    Default MMA Pro Fighter v0.62 is live!

    Hi guys!

    MMA Pro Fighter v0.62 is now live, hope you enjoy it! We mainly improved the code and did some bugfixing, but also added a first version of animations to the fight screen. Here are the release notes:

    - First implementation of the Flash animation fight

    - Several code improvements

    Bug fixing
    - Fixed bug: Game hangs on the loading bar after selecting train / challenges tab.
    - Submission/KO % wasn't affected by technique level!
    - Fixed bug in shop when buying items that require Pro Points
    - Fixed some more minor bugs

    Coming soon:
    - Sounds
    - Possibility to reset fighter
    - More cool stuff!

    Don't forget: Pain is temporary - Glory is forever!

    -Chocoholic AO

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    Default MMA Pro Fighter v0.63 is live!

    Hi guys.

    MMA Pro Fighter v0.63 is now live! We fixed some bugs and added new features, now you have sounds during the fight and you are able to publish your fighter stats and picture on your wall!

    Unfortunately there are now some issues with Internet Explorer which cause troubles while playing. We are working hard to fix these problems, sorry for the inconvenience!

    Here are the release notes of 0.63:

    · Improvements
    - Flash animation with sounds
    - Publish fighter image
    - Added background image to fight page

    · Changes
    - No default name for create fighters

    · Bug fixing
    - Problems with cookies in Safari
    - Mismatch in ranking list
    - Fixed some minor bugs

    New features coming soon!

    -Chocoholic AO

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    Default MMA Pro Fighter v0.66 is live!

    Hi guys.

    We just released version 0.66, which should fix the issues that came up with the last update. Please clear your cache/cookies before you start the game and let us know if you still experience problems.

    Hope to see you in the ring again!

    -Chocoholic AO

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    Default MMA Pro Fighter v0.67 is live!

    Hi guys.

    A new version of MMA Pro Fighter is now live, I hope you'll enjoy it! Here's a list of things we've changed:

    New content and Improvements
    - New Trainings
    - New Challenges
    - 4 new shorts: USA2, Canada2, Philippines2, Russia
    - 1 new shorts to Gift

    - Moved Haiti shorts to the Shop

    Bug fixing
    - Fix in Knowledge is Power Challenge
    - Fix in Information Gathering Challenge
    - Some more bug fixes

    See you in the ring!

    -Chocoholic AO
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    Default MMA Pro Fighter v0.68 is live!

    Hi guys.

    Yesterday we launched a new version, 0.68 is now live! I still owe you the release notes, here we go:

    · Improvements
    - First Reset Fighter implementation
    - First Daily Training implementation
    - Improved Chocolate Bar with progress
    - New Challenge news-feeds
    - Improved Level Up news-feeds

    · Changes
    - Gifts can only be sent to users that have the application installed
    - Invite friends text changed
    - Some optimization
    - Some minor bug fixes

    · New content
    - 3 new Tattoos: USA, Canada, Philippines
    - New Flag Shorts: Thailand, Austria
    - 1 new Hair style

    Remember: Pain is temporary, Glory is forever!

    -Chocoholic AO
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