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    Default Official iOS "Add me" thread.

    Hi survivors!

    With the new "Friend Code" option coming out, I believe it is time for a new add me thread.

    Post your Friend Codes here and let others add you to their neighbors.

    Happy slaying!
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    Alright, let me be the first, here is my code:


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    My friend code: 435 705 603

    Really enjoying this game... Enough to register for my first forum Thanks for adding!

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    Default My Friend Code

    170 510 678

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    Taking my code offline for now... can only play in "offline" mode anyway, so cannot add friends.
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    Now I got too many friends and got crash issue ;-(
    Sorry that I have to remove my ID from this list...
    Last edited by Eastrain; 03-10-2012 at 01:10 PM.

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    Default Me too!

    I play all the time. (Probably too much)
    760 080 876

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    I play all the time.
    My friend code changed with the update so I lost all my friends. Here is my new code
    Last edited by HeatherJ; 04-06-2012 at 02:54 PM. Reason: Need to change my friend code

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    Please add me! My Friend code is: 630865151.

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