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Thread: Prevention of Overkill by a Higher Level Player

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    Default Prevention of Overkill by a Higher Level Player

    My truce buff just ran out, and this much higher level player just keeps overkill attacking me and destroying my forces and stealing my resources. I can't do anything to prevent this because he a much higher level and more military forces than me. I suggest that you can only attack a player of the same level as you, or let players report the player who keeps attacking them unfairly.

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    Totally agree. You have my +1.

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    Default Agree

    I have been reduced to a farm because of a higher level player. I have been leveling up my buildings thru 7th, when a much higher level player has wiped me out 3 times in the last 2 days. He attacks with 1600+ tech II troops vs. my 1200+ tech I types. I have lost over 2500+ troops and much more than 1/2 million in total resources in these 3 attacks.

    I got this just about 2 hours ago:

    Player: ________ (no use identifying him)

    You are part of my farm. I'd like to thank you for your effort of upgrading your junkyard, breakers, ect...

    I will always enjoy farming you. Love,

    The Alert

    I know that this is a war game but if the 'older' players can farm newer players like me eventually their will be no new players. Sometime in the next few days I will stop playing and recommend that no one start playing by posting this players message into whatever forums that seem appropriate.

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    have you tried contacting them to ask them to leave you alone or atleast to not keep hammering you so hard? if im asked when im hitting players to stop or slow down my attakcs to give them a chance.. i do it

    direct from the "knowledge base" for this game....

    First, you should try contacting the offending player yourself. Ask him to reduce the amount of attacks he launches against you, or perhaps ask him to stop his attacks altogether. Most of the time the offending player is simply looking for an easy way to gather resources and did not choose you specifically for punishment of any kind. In such a case a friendly message is often enough to halt hostilities.
    Another option at your disposal is setting up an Alliance and gathering friendly players together for protection, or for turning the tables on the aggressor by attacking him.
    Last, but not least. If all else fails. You still have the option of purchasing a Truce Agreement in the Reborn Empire Shop in order to protect yourself from all attacks. But remember, you will also not be able to attack anyone for the duration of the Truce Agreement.

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    I agree with cait sidhe.

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    Default I have

    I have done both options. I got 'Hows it taste? Just Kiddin...' from the attacker. I also spoke to my alliance leader about this mater. He told me that their wasn't much could be done about the matter. I can understand this because the attacker is high level and from a large alliance with many high level players. A group attack from my alliance would most likely result in our whole group being wiped out.
    Lastly, my game money is limited and I think it would take many days worth Truce Agreements to reach a level that it would be to costly to attack.

    Because of the attackers response and the reality of my alliance, I am in the process of down grading all breakers and power plants and building whatever troops that can. Some time in the next day or so it will be a empty city with troops.
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    Hi Blue vs Green,

    As someone who did and still doing his fair share of farming players and getting players into truces. But I have also left a lot of players alone when was asked(Sorry CASCADE, not going to happen). You can mail me in game the coordinates of that player if he isn't New Dawn and I will see how many resources I can get from him :P

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    I went to the leader of the alliance, of the guy who was farming me, and befriended him and asked the leader if he could get his member to stop so hopefully that has solved it.

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    Default got hit again

    he hit me about an hour ago and cleaned me out again of resources. At 15 min before I spend all I could and sent all I could at him. He got 170K of stone and about 40K of energy. My attackers wiped out his defenses at a great loss. I will annoy him until my city is empty and I am gone.

    I realize it is a pathetic gesture on my part, but somewhat fun.

    If anyone wants a large amount of resources, if he hasn't spent them, S2 352,199.

    I'm gone...

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    Default overkill prevention

    It would be nice for the devs to incorporate a teleport or allow base movement
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