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    One more time...Id: 1083066762 thanks

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    stucked too.
    Thank you.

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    I caught last week in the port and I can not play, please fix it, my id 1083066762 thanks

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    Now been around a month for me, I read some of the articles that said to click on map etc, did not work for me. tried visiting a friend, allowed me to visit but on returning to the street the game freezes - obviously confused as to which street I should be on.

    This is sad that so many people are getting frustrated with a bug where there appears to be no solution, I do hope that I and the others that have been prevented from playing whilst others scream ahead get some sort of compensation for our frustrations. Seems only fair...

    Could this be a Browser Issue? I use FireFox, surely there has to be something we all have in common for this problem???

    and yes, I have the latest updates for the Browser, Flash Player etc etc and yes I clear my Cache often

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    Further to my post above, I don't want to speak to soon but I seem to have got myself unstuck

    Here is what I did...

    There is a new mission 'Spring Festival'
    I started this mission, it then asked to place an ad, I did this which in turn takes you to the 'Daily Gossip' I proceeded and placed the ad

    Then I was stuck in the Port water underneath the ship, (took me a while to find my character but there he was)

    I then reloaded the game a couple of times and then I received notification of an answer to my add, I replied to it and then it allowed me to click on the map and choose 'Downtown' My character moved and everything now seems okay.

    I hope this helps others to get 'unstuck'

    ps. I really need some neighbors as I have none atm, so please feel free to add me

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    Default uid can't leave pier


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    ID 100000430852370

    Stuck in Quayside!

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    Smile Stuck in Quayside map in NEW IN TOWN

    UID : 686037854


    I have a problem with the application of "New in town" , because I can't interact with my character, I can do anything, I'm blocked so what can I do to change it.( I stuck in Quayside map and even if I reload the game, it doesn't fix my issue)
    Please help me.
    Thank you in advance.

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    cant move at all

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    Default Stuck at quay side

    Stuck and cant move at all

    UID - 629996322

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