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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna25 View Post
    i don't have any new missions.....WHY??????? can anyone please help me? please.....
    They are still working the bugs out of the new missions. Hopefully we'll see them soon. Leaky Heights’ Pinboard will post the new update when it's done.

    I'm glad that people are getting out of Quayside!

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    Default this worked thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by decypher View Post
    OMG this works for me. Thanks!

    After the game loaded I immediately tried to go to Downtown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fania Dekoven View Post
    A lot of people are getting unstuck on their own. Those who are having trouble try this: When the game starts immediately attempt to go to downtown. If it doesn't work refresh and try again until it works (shouldn't take too long).

    Now when I did this I'd visit a friend first, leave their place and refresh (because the map wouldn't load.)

    I don't know if this will work for everyone, but please post here if it does! I hope other people get unstuck too.
    And what if this doesn't work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangaroo View Post
    And what if this doesn't work?
    You'll have to wait for them to come up with a bug fix. I hope they will come up with one with the next release. I don't want to get stuck again in Quayside and there are lots of people who still are stuck. This was a suggestion because it worked for me and a few other people. It doesn't mean they don't need to fix the bug, because more people could get stuck without an easy out.

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    Im stuck too. have been for near 2 weeks.

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    i have a simular problem but im not stuck in queaside im stuck down town with 0 min to each building..

    uid 757490460

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    shotgun1991 i think is my uid... been stuck for almost a week... please help!

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