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    Default New In Town

    UID: 100002062730908
    Stuck in Quayside and can't move. Been over a month now, should I give up and quit checking? Maybe move on to different game?

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    Default new in town

    Vid: 1729644874

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    Default New in town

    Vid: 1729644874

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    Default stuck in quayside

    I am stuck in quayside I can't move or go back to downtown My user Id is 100003548599628

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    i'm also stuck :/

    please help me

    UID: 100003719971368

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    since yesterday my character is stuck in Quayside

    Facebook ID: 100001772447859

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    I'm stuck!!!
    I post for the second time my UID: 1543429837
    Someone can help me???!!

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    I've been stuck in Quayside for exactly one month now. Is there any progress to fixing this bug?!

    I'm tired of waiting for answers, and I want to know when, if AT ALL, this bug will be taken care of!

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