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    Default Gangs of Boomtown Update! 0.184.1

    You can try out the fixes in the latest version: - http://bit.ly/ForumPlayNow

    Another round of bug fixes for today!

    As usual if you happen to run across any bugs, please report them either on Forum or through our Support Customer.

    Here is a list of fixes:

    Release Notes:
    Bug Fixes:

    Fixed a crash when performing the same action as a Visiting Friend.
    Fixed a crash when completing the mission "A Woman's touch".
    Fixed a crash when a friend performs an action in your BoomTown.
    Fixed a crash when trying to shoot someone - PvE and PvP.
    Fixed a crash that was occurring when doing the last action during a friends' visit.
    Fixed a crash that was occurring when losing a duel in Ghost Town.
    Fixed a crash when going to a bandit outpost and closing the dialogs.
    Fixed an issue where it was possible to place decorations into non-boomtown districts causing a crash.
    Fixed an issue with the header missing if the game was launched through a wall-post.
    Fixed an issue with the requests sent by half of your friends would not be received.
    Fixed an issue with the character appearing out of the selection screen.
    Fixed an issue with the character sizes in the Inbox for received gifts.
    Fixed an issue that was causing duplicate enemies to appear.
    Fixed an issue that was causing the wrong assassin to appear in the progress bar.
    Mission "Everyday I'm shuffling" should now work as intended.
    Mission "Down In Mexico" should now work as intended and be accessible.
    Mission "Stick to your guns" should now spawn Outlaw Marshall.
    Missions "Six Feet Under" and "Showdown: El Diablo" should not spawn bosses on top of each other anymore.
    Achievement "Supply and demand" used to count the amount of goods supplied instead of the amount of houses supplied.
    Achievement "Trader Afoot" should be up for grasp once again.

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    Unhappy New

    I have maxed out on the game. When will there be new features?

    I do like

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