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    Default Limit propoint purchase when attibute purchasing avail.

    Mark the PRO point Purchasers

    with the ability to purchase ability points in a future UPDATE, Hopefully you can put a way in to mark these players (maybe with a gold colour background or something)

    Right now it's pretty easy to see but looking @ combos and such... Nothing like getting greased by a guy 20 lvls lower than you..

    And maybe limit the purchasing of points dailiy (but why would you want to do that )

    While i'm not crying about being a poor player that won't purchase points (cause i have) i can just see it getting out of control when that option is available

    (maybe 1 attribute for 5 propoints? or 10)

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    Pimp Daddy

    Default Limit propoint purchase when attibute purchasing avail.

    Yes, we definitely do not want to un-balance the game by some users getting way too many attribute points. Thanks for your good ideas, we take them into consideration when implementing the way to buy attribute points.

    Pimp Daddy

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