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    Default iOS Zombie Lane 1.2.5 Update!

    Welcome Survivors to another new update!

    New Features

    • New application icon has been added to the game.
    • This version supports the new iOS 5.
    • Three new Boosters have been added to the Market.
    o Double Everything: - This Booster doubles the probability to gain XP, Coins, and Collectible loot drops from Zombies.
    o Super Speed: - This Booster will increase the character’s walking speed with 40%.
    o Super Duper Speed: - This Booster will increase the character’s walking speed with 60%

    • A new mission called "A need for speed" has been added to the game introducing the Boosters.
    o This mission is unlocked after the mission "The honey to-do list I" is completed
    • The players can now make growing Crops immediately ready for harvesting by using Cash.
    • New weapon Golden Assault Rifle has been added to the game.
    o The weapon can be found under the Weapons category in the Market.
    • New push notifications have been added to the game!
    • New timed mission "Rabbit Season" has been added to the game.
    o This mission is unlocked after the player has completed the mission "Under Construction"
    o The mission has the following objectives:
    o Kill 200 Spring Bunny Zombies before the time runs out.
    o When the mission starts, the player can start killing Spring Bunny Zombies that spawn to the player’s game field and to his neighbors’ game fields.
    o Spring Bunny Zombies can be killed with any weapon.
    o The Spring Bunny Zombies have a chance to drop 3 types of Easter Eggs:
    o Red Spring Egg - Gives 3 energy when being consumed.
    o Green Spring Egg - Gives 2 energy when being consumed.
    o Yellow Spring Egg - Gives 1 energy when being consumed.

    • The flow has changed for sharing the Friend Code.
    o The feature for sharing the Friend Code straight to the iTunes review page has been removed now, instead of a button saying “Share” there is now a button called “Copy” in the Connectivity tab next to the player’s Friend Code.
    o When the player taps this button, they should see Rob’s speech bubble opening with a recommendation to share the Friend Code to gain more neighbors.

    New Features

    • The transactions for buying Cash and Coins packages from the Market have been fixed so that crashes shouldn’t happen after making a purchase anymore.
    • Game progress losses / reset issues shouldn’t happen frequently anymore after the player has seen the game crashing.
    • The player shouldn’t be able to harvest any more Apple Trees or BBQ Grills immediately after they’ve been already harvested.
    • The game shouldn’t crash anymore when browsing through neighbors using the arrow browsing method on the My Neighbors screen.

    If you are still experiencing problems please send us a customer ticket. We appreciate your help and your feedback is extremely important for us.
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