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    Default Gangs of Boomtown Hotfix! 0.188.13


    Due to the issues reported by the community we decided to deploy a series of hotfixes that resolve some of them.

    You can try out the fixes in the latest version: - http://bit.ly/ForumPlayNow

    As usual if you happen to run across any bugs, please report them to our Customer Support.

    Release Notes:
    Issues Hotfixed:

    Fixed a crash occurring when logging in the game.
    Fixed a crash occurring when accepting neighbor help for PvE related actions.

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    I STILL CANT LOG INTO THE GAME... I run a computer biz, I try to log in with all 5 of the comps I use, different browsers, clean caches, updated flash ect ect... It lets me log in once ever day or two... And if I am REAL GOOD, I can log in 2x/day... SIGH

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    i was able to log on the game for about 3 hours after the fix but now i´m stuck at loading screen again.

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    Same here... Come on people, if you are having issues like this, least you can do is put the game into maintaince mode until it is fixed !!

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