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    Default Gangs of Boomtown Update! 0.192.1


    New update available which includes 3 new missions!

    You can try out the fixes in the latest version: - http://bit.ly/ForumPlayNow

    As usual if you happen to run across any bugs, please report them to our Customer Support.

    Release Notes:
    New Missions:

    "Where there's a well, there's a way"

    "Party Pooper"

    "Happy Endings"

    Bug Fixes:
    Fixed a crash when killing bandits at the recruit camp.
    Fixed an issue with the friends bar energy indicator not showing up when there is energy left.
    Fixed an issue with the ammo refill button not working properly.
    Fixed an issue with the Diligence rotating but it's AOE effect not.
    Fixed some grammatical issues in the inbox and with loot drops.
    Increased PvP rewards.
    Increasing the font sizes in the Inbox.
    Increased the rewards from Treasure Chest.
    Made placing decorations from your inventory faster.
    Made it easier to use consumable items.
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    Exclamation Loading freeze

    Canot play!
    the "Loading" freeze (like in pic.)

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    Default loading freeze

    i cant get on at all its freezing at 3/4 done

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    hey when are u going to fix this game?

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