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    I support!

    I have 11 colony and i build defence and starbase lvl 6 then i build eco, building... so in my last 4 colony i have no eco... that means this upgrade CRUSH ME!

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    I totally agree with this. Why did the devs do this? To get money?!! Now I have to wait to repair my stuff and I can only use around half an hour! WTH is wrong with this game man! Many games got destroyed by upgrades like this! Pls devs make it back to the old time. I'd rather play empires and allies! Or FIFA superstars or other games if they make it even worse.

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    I Support please change it back!

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    im another one for supporting bringing back the 1 hour speed up.

    It's put me off the game now just as it was getting good for me, I dont have alot of time for games so when this one had the speed up it really encouraged me to stick with this game and now it's gone which is a shame.


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    No use of protesting in here now as this update is not being reverted anytime soon in the future... the devs ignorance is really dissapointing & frustrating.. i totally understand the concept of profit earning is a must for devs, but by doing this you are killing fun side of a great game....
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    I Support it, i think you can't change this when a lot of people is level +100..

    It's a disadvantage for the new users...

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    I Support
    "The only mistake in life is the lesson not learned"
    -Albert Einstein

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    I support! It became too difficult to develop new colonies

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    Thumbs down

    Great, they deleted all the existing alliances and now you can BUY an alliance for 20 chips... hmmm another way to make money. The user has gone from a valiant and respected contributor to the beta testing process to a cash cow in two updates... YAY!

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