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    First I want to THANK GREATLY everyone that sends me gifts everyday. I try and send everyone on my list the briefcase every single day so they can get free gold. It takes a lot of time but I FEEL strongly that IF you accept my Friend request or I accept yours I should do my part to help in this way. After I send back all the gifts that are sent me I still have about 200 friends that I have to go to send gifts to send. That means 200 players on my list did not send gifts. Since I only open gifts no more than twice a week, mostly once a week, That means these players never help. Keep in mind even though I only open the gift once a week I SEND them EVERYDAY. Why add friends or request to be friends if you never help. You get help but never return the favor. Maybe many of these players have stopped playing. Any game I stop I will always remove those players from my list so they know I am not playing the game any longer. To make a Long story a little shorter. either send help esp brief cases or just don't expect any to come your way. I just removed over 100 friends from my list due to this. I don't want to waste my time sending gifts to people that never help or players that have quit the game. If you have quit the game just remove it from you apps. If you want to start playing again later your game will load back where you left off.

    Oh and the reason I don't just use the send back option only is because the games flaws make it impossible to know if that person ever got the gift. I will see players I know I sent back the gift to show up again when I select send gifts.
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    And now? I'm sending ~300 gifts every day and get 50~100 back. What's the problem? Does it hurt?

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    Yep this is exactly what I am talking about

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