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Thread: Farmville

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    Lightbulb Farmville

    I farm inactive players and sometimes active players that look inactive but when asked nicely I usually stop and some times even send some res back to the player to help get them going again, it keeps newer players in the game which keeps it fun. There are those out there that farm no matter if they are asked to slow down or not and that is losing new players by the boat load and this game will become boring without keeping a steady player base. A temporary truce that would be available to a player that is wiped out would be one way to allow them to rebuild and another would be to add 2-3 hideouts to the beginning of the game tutorial as part of the start process or make hidouts of level 1 and 2 quick and easy so new players can have some res still available after attacks.

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    I agree, but the temporary truce should be 2-3 days and should be activated when most of the defender's troops are wiped out. By most I mean most of the total and not most of what they have in the city.

    Other than that, I completely agree.

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    Default Totally

    I agree with that Snipah, they should be wiped out as far as troops.

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    Total 6 hideout lv 6,its uselles since my base its reclaimed.its i afraid for,not the farming but ,the reclaimer thing that reset my rank+my base,also i dont get extra diamond to rebuilds faster,so im quit.bye bye all
    Add me as freinds also sign me if your GaLaxy Life/Backyard monster/War Commander player if not sign me i will Ignore you
    Im quit most bad&sucking game.Also im still cant upload my profile picture,from web nor Pc file.

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    Default Farmville

    I like the idea of giving the player the 'option' to truce for 2-3 days if a certain percentage of their total troops/resources are wiped out.

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