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    Default 'Official' GOOGLE+ Add Me Thread

    Howdy Pardners!

    This thread will become the 'Official' Add Me thread for Google+ users.

    To add neighbors using Google+, please use the following guidelines.

    Forum to Google+:

    1. Click (or copy) the link posted by the player you want to add.
    2. Add him to your circle.

    Now the user should appear in game as your neighbor.

    Note: Some game mechanics, like gifting, require both players to be in each others circles.

    If you play on Google+:

    1.Click on your profile picture in the upper right side of the Google+ page.
    2. Select "View Profile"

    3.Now copy and paste the link from your browser address to the forum and post it.

    As always, please follow forum rules.

    ABSOLUTELY NO email addresses, third party links, or SPAM allowed! Posts containing SPAM, third party links, and email addresses will be deleted.

    ABSOLUTELY NO posting on your friend's, spouse's, mother's brother's, etc behalf. You may only post a request for YOUR OWN Google+ profile link and may only post ONE link in your post. Any post containing more than one link, no valid link, or found to be containing a profile link not belonging to the person posting will be deleted.

    If you come across a post that does not follow these guidelines, please report it to MYSELF or to CHOCAHOLIC ALEX via private message. We will be sure to correct it.

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    Default Competitive player here, add me on Google+.

    Nice. I play quite a lot and will send gifts and help you out with your buildings and whatnot. Let's play!


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    Default Daily Player, please add me

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    Hi all, I am a daily player on level 19 and have added you to my circles. Need help to finish my pharmacy.
    Will send gifts daily and respond to all requests. Thanks

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    Default Daily player! I got your back in this town!

    I'm not very active anymore...maybe will check in once per week. Maybe I will come back once new ghost missions are added (beyond Gold Mine and Cemetery).
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