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    I have no missions to complete either, I seem to have completed all possible missions already.

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    Default No missions...

    I've no missions more to do, too...

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    Question help

    ciao a tutti ho un problema in questo gioco,
    il problema è che il personaggio con cui gioco si è bloccato su un edificio e non si muove più ogni volta che tento di farlo muovere mi viene visualizzata il mezzo che uso per farlo muovere ma più di quello non va e non si muove che devo fare? auito per favore grazie.:confuse

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    I had trouble finding Marina too, until I refreshed my page. Then I found her right away at Zuri.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickir1981 View Post
    I keep seeing people say something about Allmart, which is not unlocked for me. I don't see anymore missions to complete though and I've gone into all the unlocked places in both neighborhoods to check. What is the last of the 20 missions?
    The only time that Allmart was open for me was when I had a job there. I couldn't not, however, buy anything there.

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    Yay new release!!!!! Thank you!!!!!:d

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