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Thread: FAQ about the update we are preparing

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    Honestly I don't think that the "unbalanced play style" that you are referring to is the cause of all the inactive players. If you look at some of the other games just like this on you will find a lot of lowbie inactives around. It happens with this type of game. Someone logs in and try it out for a few days if that and decides that it takes up to much time and energy to constantly maintain the game, so they quit and never come back. You won't ever change that. Most of the inactives are just that, people who have decided against coming back.

    Now there are the others that stick with the game and get big, we bigger say ch 7 or 8, but not quite to 2 cities yet, that are farmed out of existence because there alliance either doesn't help them or there not part of one, and can't afford to pay real life cash to get the Truce buff.

    The only way people are not going to get farmed out of this game is if no one is allowed to attack another person. You want less farming of active players? Make your rank have nothing to do with honor points. And put food in camps. That's the only way I can see people not getting farmed out of the game.

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    Smile thanx

    ok sounds good thanx @ ironworks

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    varguar many games have succeeded in design that protects newbies from being bullied out of the game. If you look through the suggestions/ideas you can see many ways that have been suggested to create incentive for players to NOT farm new players.

    Mind you, I am not against active players battling. I think the game is about that, or at least is more fun. But a more balanced fight is what is more enjoyable than getting shallacked by 2k of every unit. If you don't think that a significant amount of players go inactive because they login after beginners truce is up and find their whole army crushed -- that took them many hours or even money to build - you are delusional.

    If the strategy to the game is to amass massive armies as opposed to strategy on a battle level, then new users will most definitely feel overwhelmed. Massive armies create a situation where newbies are at greater risk of being made into a farm and creates a situation where it takes a 'longer' time for them to be able to compete on a meaningful level.

    Once again -- please read posts by myself and others about how to solve the farming issues via design. If you choose not to, then don't complain when someone has an opinion you clearly have not taken the time to understand.

    The rank system itself can solve the problem if it penalizes you via honor if you attack someone say 200+ below your rank. That also creates a situation where alliances will need lower rank players to strategically battle lower rank players that the higher ranks would lose honor on.

    None of these concepts are anything new, as they WORK in other games on the market.

    I see your suggestions, and i disagree with your assessment and suggestions. It is possible to have an rank system that "discourages" non-competitive attacks as it will lose you honor and drop your rank.

    Again --- tried, tested, and successful in many games.

    Lastly, 'again', i will say that there are numerous features in the suggestions/ideas section that would do far more for the balance and strategy of this game than the features in this update.

    I am merely using my voice to point that out. You don't like it... too bad. It's not about you.

    Thank you for your concern though
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    And for full disclosure, I myself will farm people who are actives in many cases.

    Why ? Because it is simply the QUICKEST way to amass resources and grow your city in a quest to build a massive army.

    Just the same as exploitation of the ability to have a larger army than you have food to feed, the game design is what makes the strategy most effective.

    However, I am fully in support of game design that gives people an incentive to not farm -- ie make marauder camps yield more resources. Such a SIMPLE design change could have a huge effect on one of the largest issues in the game.

    If marauder camps were a quicker way to grow, and killing lower rank hurt your honor/rank -- then fighting other users would be relegated to more strategic and tactical reasons.

    It's been suggested numerous times, and ignored.

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    Default Suggestion

    I for one am happy they are making changes to improve the game these things definatly put a new twist on the game epspecially when most of my alliance is 3 hours away kind of sucks for reinforcements. MODS i like this game but it is shallow. After you can kill lvl 10 marauders and have cap at lvl 10 you just repeat on new citys until you get all citys built seems kind of like a revolving door and gets boring easily. I am suggestion two things one of which you guys are already working/ have worked, on the unique items and secondly QUESTS theres nothign to do except build up armys and farm marauders/people i think farming would be less of an issue if we just had quest to do in game accomplishments maybe ceate a leader for each city that you can develop to your liking and that leader gives the city buffs depending on how you develop them just a thought hope you do something to this effect it would great improve the game in my opinion

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    Just to counter what you said about the balance.. Do you know how many players quit before getting out of the truce? I assure you that a lot, just check how many players are below 500 ranking points(Obviously Truce mostly lasts until 1k ranking points) and make sure you know that 80% of them are not playing.
    The first player below 500 rank is 4,695 , last player is 32,820.. Total of 28,125 players, lets say 70% instead of 80%, that is 19,687 players not playing.. You honestly think New Dawn or any farming is related to this? You want some less drastic percentage? 50% - 14,062 players not playing. I hope I made a valid point that this game lacks interest.. It lacks something new that will keep players playing this game for a long time, RE has absolutely nothing new compared to the other games in the genre.

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    Isn't truce based on time snipah ?

    Obviously, there is a certain % of people who play the game, and just don't like it and never come back even after the first play. -- so in my opinion, those people are completely out of the equation. I could give you a whole list of reasons why those people might leave -- and the update doesn't address those either.

    The people I am talking about are the ones that make it past truce, and are now a part of the normal ecosystem. That is 'not' balanced. You know, inactive farms ??? Those inactive farms in most cases didn't leave because they just lost interest in the game, they leave because they get decimated. right ?

    Now, the pct of those people that get past truce and leave the game, is pretty large. And THOSE people leave because they get hit and lose everything they were working on for a week. Why don't you do your analysis on that ?

    Those people are a victim of the balance issues, mainly being that a massive army is what the game is currently about. The level of strategy that comes with a more balanced game, and a rankings system that penalizes ill will -would retain most of those people.

    So why again are you against food/desertion as it will limit the size of armies and put a larger focus on actual strategy ? oh.. that's right, because it affects less than 2% of the users ???
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    Hi again...Emperors,

    Dev team is evaluating all your suggestions here above and I will let you know the feedback as soon as possible, many thanks to everybody!

    The update seems postponed again of 1 week, I will be more precise next days.

    Don't lose your time and keep preparing your cities for the changing. Divide your army into several smaller ones, maintained by different cities!!!

    More details on top of this thread.
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    Hi Ironworks,

    Think I've missed something here -

    Quote Originally Posted by Calesta Ironworks View Post

    Don't lose your time and keep preparing your cities for the changing. Divide your army into several smaller ones, maintained by different cities!!!
    That doesn't happen atm does it? As far as I'm aware the troops remain maintained by the city that made them no matter where you send them to.

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    I think what Ironworks is implying is that when the patch comes, they may allow us to have the city that host that army be the one that feeds them, perhaps, I hope. *keeping fingers crossed*

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