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    Sending out gift requests for something like a scarf to finish an upgrade on Guns Of Boomtown building are not being received by people (like right now, on this day). And, I am now being sent messages that people are on Facebook, seeing my requests pop up, going into the game and there is nothing there.

    I also do not show up in the Boomtown friends list on many people's game.. only in All Facebook Friends list.

    When I tried to hire help for the building that took 8 people to help - it took days to get the mere 8 people, out of a list of over 50 people, to finally respond.. because those I asked had no such request! Gifts (or at least some) of energy, chow, flowers, etc. would go through and return... but not what is really needed.
    Level 88 (until later today): Gangs of Boomtown

    User ID: 1556029

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    My issue is the same as all the above, its becoming unplayable and i have been using my gold to finish building property and i should have to do this. I also have notifications but then there is nothing in my inbox.

    I would like to recommend a couple of bigger energy packs like in Zombie lane as i still have no idea what these small gift packs do and do not really enhance my game play.


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    Same problem as above.

    In addition to this when you dig up the bottom graves at the cemetery the coins and energy you get do not register.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb373us View Post
    i cant send gifts or hire neighbors for help with items or building. Love Gangs of Boomtown! Please help http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1650198952
    I do have a problem, I need items to complete my buildings and I ask my friends for them, And they NEVER get the request, I send a request to a friend and he never got it, he never got the request I send for the Item.
    that makes me mad because I can't finish the building and cant ask for the help, Sometimes the request do go through, but most of the times they Dont,
    What Gives?

    The same problem, please help
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    Default Same Problem - No Gifts No Hiring Responses

    Something strange is going on. It's been at least a week since I got a gift and can't finish Grand Central Station because nobody is hired.

    Using Google +.

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    Thanks for looking into this. Let me know if I can help troubleshoot.

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    I have same problems, I can't send or receive any game requests. Otherwise, I can't add any neighbours. Please help me, my ID : 2068396. Thanks

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    Same problem as everyone.

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    I am having the same issues, really like the game but getting fed up with not being able to complete tasks because the game isn't giving me gifts and help being sent from friends.
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    I am having issues with gifting and receiving as well.

    In game I receive the little popup notification that someone has given me a gift or request but when I reload there is nothing there. The alert also shows up via Facebook notifications.

    I have put out several requests lately and have gotten very few granted requests, making this game very hard to play.

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    I can't send or recieve gifts (checked with friends). I have also lost almost all my neighbours. It has been liks this for almost a week. I would really appreciate if you could fix it.

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