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    yeah, female GL players exist. so please stop being sexist a**holes.

    it's not funny.
    it's not impressive.
    it doesn't make you attractive.

    it just ruins the game & community for us.

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    i dont get the point of that argument.

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    Well, then let me explain it to you:

    I am female and I am a regular Galaxy Life player.
    I really like playing this game and have already met a bunch of nice people as enthusiastic about it as myself.


    when I visit the forum to get some advice or new friends or whatever, and am subjected to such degrading jokes and comments about how female GL players should solely exist as sexual entertainment... how do you think that makes me (and other women) feel?

    I feel alienated and unwelcome and not respected as a serious player. what I liked about GL so far wasn't only the game itself, but also the helpful community (and complaining about all these bugs together...). but obviously now even the mods join in on the misogynist fun...

    (just for clarification: reisha, this is not about your original posting but the comments that followed!)

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