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    Default Made a group of long time players

    We have take long-time-players and make a group for help. Talking german, english and french. You are welcome and after the finish of the group your building will finished after minutes. Also wonders.

    CV od the Admins are 500.000 and 2.000.000

    You are welcome at http://www.facebook.com/groups/301880496558243/

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    You don't need to answer in topics, if you don't like them. Thanks.

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    Most of the others are dead. Maybe this one will give some life back to it. Thanks for taking the time to start it up, I will join.

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    It works. And it works good!

    Of cause all the death groups we have started this one. There are many long-time player in it and it get be better every day.

    The other admin is called Kairi in this forums here and a personal friend of mine.

    Happy building.

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    Some recalls:

    Just join. We build it.

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    Default re:

    This sounds cool

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