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    Smile Announcement room

    Hey galaxy life
    could you please in the alliance
    make an announcement center where the general can only make announcements because the members are sometimes not the friend of the general
    please add this in galaxy life
    i hope you would do it
    abhi tyagi

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    agreed. there should be a place where alliance members can communicate with each other to discuss strategies for the war privately or to make an announcement.

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    Not all people want to add "strangers" to their FB profiles, for good reasons too! (Identity theft, fraud etc) So please make some facility for us to chat with alliance members

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    Make a Facebook Group for your Alliance!

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    Default I maybe strange but no stalker or stranger!

    Sure we all dont want to add those "strange" people to our friends list, but really ... you can adjust your settings make a group just for your gamer friends! Learn FB guys! It is very useful if you know the tools you have at hand

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    why dont you use the alliance chat??

    oh wright it doesnt work

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    I like the idea of an announcement room, it could be used more efficiently than a chat as you wouldn't have the arguing that always accompanies chats. You would just have the General and Captains comments.

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    we will have those strangers to add them to the group

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