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    Default it wasnt worth the wait

    I completed all the courses too, experted the jobs, etc and waited for 2 months, what did I get that was "worth waiting for", I can buy a new bike an had a couple of crappy find item missions (with the same items in both I might add) now thats it, what a waste of my life.

    We were promised a "New Home" this meant a new Apartment, area and a new set of missions, courses, etc, what we actually got was pointless !.

    I suggest to the developers to shelve this game permanently and do not allow people to play it because they are ALL going to be sorely disappointed and as a result will avoid all of the games you produce, not to mention the amount of friends they tell that Digital chocolate apps should be avoided like the plague.

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    This should come in the next update.

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    These guys fail at running a business

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    Updates should be posted either weekly or bi-weekly. If they are not posted routinely, I assume something is wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent6192 View Post
    This should come in the next update.
    LMAO!!!! You should take that routine on the road.. you'd make a fortune!
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    Got damned buying a bike....Now my game is stuck in quayside can't go home, cant go to work...can do NOTHING......MY GAME IS FROZENNNNN ((

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    I agree I finished the new missions within a day to find out still no new town?

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