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    Default Energy recharge time


    For some reason my energy recharge time is over 300 minutes and over 350 minutes for Duels. This really sucks. At this rate i get to play once a week.

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    I've got the same issue
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    Must be just certain servers cause i'm not affected .......... yet
    Boomtown : BLOCKED Sad to say but this game ends around level 80 to 100
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    Howdy guys!

    Can you please send me a private message with your DC ID's and then try to clear your cache.

    Could you also please post what type of browser, browser version, flash, flash version.


    Edit: Could you also let us know of any prior actions you did before noticing this action? Any small action can have big consequences. Thanks!
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    Me as well..371 minutes

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    I've got the same issue

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    I had this when I woke up and I just refreshed the game manually, not with the link from the sheriff (that never works for me). Like 5 times. Then it went back to normal.
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    Thumbs up Lucky me!

    I didn't encounter the problem, lucky me.

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    Exclamation How to fix this yourself!


    It seems to me that this is a bug that will fix itself. I had the same problem but then used up my energy bottles so I had over full energy. After I started spending it the energy got back to the normal 5 minutes refill.

    I'm not sure about the duel ammo though, but I think that the loading time will go back to normal there as well after you have leveled up.

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