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    Same problem and the sad thing is I was in first place for the duel competition.Not anymore.

    I fixed the energy recharge time by using up my bottles I received as gifts.I fixed my duel ammo recharge time by spending nine gold...blah......

    Where would I find my DC Id?
    Firefox = Browser v12.0
    Adobe=Flash v11.2.202.235
    Prior actions nothing out of the ordinary.I did my usual neighbor visits and gifting then logged out.Logged back in later to clear some more of the endless rock wall.
    Clearing cache did nothing at all.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Actually come to think of it the only thing that I did that could be considered vaguely out of the ordinary was to buy some of the new cemetery decoration items.
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    Adobe Flashplayer v.11
    IE8 (yes I know people think IE is pants, but it works fine for me)

    I just loaded the game, accepted gifts, and excepted 1 neighbours help, thats it as I did not have the energy to do anything else lol.

    Next energy in 344.04
    FB DC ID 1824019

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    What are the chances of us getting a load of free energy to compensate?

    Didn't even notice the duel ammo was the same too, so free duel ammo would me nice as well.

    Next duel ammo 370.04
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    FB DC ID 1824019

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    Default It happened again.

    I had the problem gone, but now it has happened again. Clearing cache didn't do anything... Argh!

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    ummmmmm yeah now this is a major bug

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    Default Duels and Enegry

    I am having the same problem me engery reset after I used my bottles up my duels is at 319 hours. My id is 522950 and I am using google. I refreshed my catch it did nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tucker16 View Post
    ummmmmm yeah now this is a major bug
    And the worst of it is, it wont be fixed until tomorrow because they have all gone home for the day now
    FB DC ID 1824019

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    Default my energy refill

    i am having the same problem how do i sort this issue

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    Default bug

    ID 5229502 I posted eailer and an hour later I came back and had eng and duel
    now the bug is back 290 hrs on engery and 347 hr on duels

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLouise View Post
    I had this when I woke up and I just refreshed the game manually, not with the link from the sheriff (that never works for me). Like 5 times. Then it went back to normal.
    It's happening to me again. Refreshes aren't working in Safari or Chrome.

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