Welcome to Gangs of Boomtown. Welcome to a world you see only in movies, a world of cowboys, cowgirls and deadly Assassins.

It all started here, in Boomtown, an idyllic small town on the edge of the frontier. The ruthless Assassins Gang attacked the town, leaving nothing in their wake but burned buildings, lost hopes and the bodies of the dead.
Having lost everything you once loved it’s now time for you to take revenge against the Assassins Gang.
Can you restore Boomtown to its former glory? Can you protect the surviving townsfolk? Can you exact your vengeance on the Assassins Gangs?
Everyone is looking up to you, to be their savior and guardian against the villains that want nothing more than to see them burn.

From where do I begin?

First, you need to select a gender for your cowboy or cowgirl. These changes are not permanent and you can play around with the character customization screen as much as you want, whenever you want.

After creating your character, you will be taken through a short tutorial where you have the chance to kill your first Assassin – Harley.

The next few missions introduce you to different parts of the game, like using the Map and Inventory.
After finishing the Tutorial, let’s take a look at the User Interface (UI).

User Interface!

As you can see, the UI has a lot of new elements and below we will check a few of them in-depth.
So, let’s start! From the top left!

GiftThis part of the interface allows you to send gifts to your playing friends. You can send them cool stuff including Energy Packs and Flowers decorations!

Get GoldThe get Gold button opens a new window which allows you to buy Premium Currency. Keep your eyes on this - special offers happen all the time.

Get CoinsSame functionality as the get Gold button, but instead of Premium Currency, you can buy Coins.

InviteThis button allows you to invite your friends to play the game alongside you. The more friends you have playing the game, the better your experience will be, so invite ’em all!

LeaderboardThe Leaderboard is a great feature designed to let you brag to your friends about how awesome of a gunslinger you are. They are tied in with a weekly tournament and if you win it, great prizes await you , maybe even the attention of a lonely entertainer… who knows?

Duel EnergyThis energy is used when you are Dueling someone, another player.

EnergyThis Energy is used for your everyday actions, killing bandits, clearing debris, collecting Rent.

EditThe Edit tools allows you to rotate, sell and store certain items and even buildings.

ShopThis simple button opens a the store, where you can buy different varieties of buildings, resource packs, awesome guns, and wonderful decorations.

Energy, Duel Ammo and Goods Pack, all in one window

All the weapons an aspiring cowboy will ever need

I finished the tutorial, what now?

One thing that attracts the most are the storyline based missions.
Once you finished the tutorial you have multiple directions to go:
1. Continue with the missions so you can unlock better buildings, stronger weapons and unleash a can of major whoop-ass on bandits in the surrounding areas of your Boomtown.

2. Start clearing the burned rubble from your city and try to recreate this.

3. Go and fight your friends to see who is the best gunslinger, then rub it in their face.
Personally, I recommend continuing with the storyline missions. They are really engaging and you will have quite a few surprises along the road.

Missions and Assassins

During your travels through the Wild West you will receive missions from different characters. There vary from hunting down animals that are threatening the locals, to dueling dangerous bandits in remove outposts and to even face the deadly members of the Assassins Gang.
If you manage to overcome these challenges the townsfolk’s will be grateful and give you great rewards.
To help you track down the enemies and keep a tab on your objectives, all the missions you currently have are displayed on the left side of the screen.

Every time you take down a member of the Assassins Gang, except praise and great loot, you are also shown who your next target is. Always be prepared to face the members, and never underestimate them.

Goods and Rent

The game has a simple mechanic of farming and using what you gather to provide goods to a building and those buildings provide you with coins after a certain amount of time has passed.
Let’s take a look at that cycle.

1. First you need some crops (Shop – Farming).

2. After you placed the crops, you need to wait for them to be ready. Once they are ready, they will look like this.

3. Once you have collected your crops (don’t worry, they don’t wither) it’s time to use them to “fuel” our buildings and have make some coins.
Find a building that needs supplies and just click it. Tada! After the timer expires you can collect the rent.

Increasing rent level – Decorations

Unlike most other games, Gangs of Boomtown decorations do more than be super pretty; they can increase how much money you gain from any building.

Rent levels buildings increase with each decoration placed until it reaches level 3. Decorations vary in how much they can influence the rent level of a building. Looking at the icon information for each decoration allows you to discover how much influence it will have.

Help! I am stuck!

If you are ever stuck on building something and you don’t have the goods, if you can’t kill that last Assassin because your weapon is not powerful enough, always remember that you can buy different items in game to aid in your progression.
From decorations to increase your buildings rent level, to powerful weapons that one-shot your enemies, to special buildings that offer you increased storage, you can find them all inside the store window.