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    Default Let's Focus Here....

    I have been playing point and click games for a long time ( I am an old man ). From the Farmville style Facebook games, to something like this. Where you get to shoot people and build a brothel.

    I like new missions, I think having an online forum based tutorial with pictures is neat. I don't really put too much focus on the artist interviews, but I am not saying others wouldn't. I am an artist myself and enjoy any process and success.

    However, this game is having fundamental flaws that are causing the people who enjoy playing this game to become upset. I think a leader board is great, but it doesn't serve me at all when I have NO neighbors to compete with. I used to have about 60 or 70, now I have one, and that individual never plays the game anymore.

    I am excited for new missions, and weapons, and buildings. These are all great things to implement into the game. At this point though, I think it is paramount that you hold off on the interviews, user guides, leader boards, new missions etc. and fix your game. Put out a great product, not one that people are just willing to tolerate.

    Thanks DC!

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    Thumbs down Game has become unplayable

    I agree. This game was working almost flawlessly, but now, for weeks, I can't utilize any social aspect of the game. I can't give or receive gifts, can't visit neighbors, can't hire or be hired to complete missions and buildings. Nothing. Unfortunately, with a bug persisting this long, I'm wondering if it is an issue in which the DC Dev team cannot resolve at this time. I'm not willing to pay for Gold at this point, and I'm sure DC is losing money over this. I hope that these issues get resolved. Until then, I think I'll take a break from this game. Please get the focus on resolving these fundamental flaws, or more players will abandon the game.

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    I don't understand how one day many google customers lost their neighbor bar. The devs did something. Can't they backtrack. I want my original game back. I was level 93 with over 300 friends.

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    Same thing here! Multiple complaints and trouble tickets yield no response. Well, actually the ONE response I did get was the standard "we are aware of the issue and we are working on it". Yet, they still continue to put out updates w/even MORE bugs w/o first resolving the current ones. They've designed the game so that we cannot play w/o friends, yet when a bug comes up deleting said friends, they don't even bother to fix it or address the issue at all here on the forums!!

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    To be fair, they do answer my problems, if its something affecting everyone and not just you, then thats a different story, those problems do take longer to resolve sometimes.


    Why not post your DC ID at the end of your posts, then Alex will probably be able to help, to save time, you can put your DC ID as your signature, as I have done.
    FB DC ID 1824019

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    Quote Originally Posted by martjase View Post
    Why not post your DC ID at the end of your posts, then Alex will probably be able to help, to save time, you can put your DC ID as your signature, as I have done.
    hi martjase

    I'm guessing that maybe Chocoholic Alex asks for it to be sent by private message because in a way it should be kept secret from the general public. (but i may be wrong)
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