I have been playing point and click games for a long time ( I am an old man ). From the Farmville style Facebook games, to something like this. Where you get to shoot people and build a brothel.

I like new missions, I think having an online forum based tutorial with pictures is neat. I don't really put too much focus on the artist interviews, but I am not saying others wouldn't. I am an artist myself and enjoy any process and success.

However, this game is having fundamental flaws that are causing the people who enjoy playing this game to become upset. I think a leader board is great, but it doesn't serve me at all when I have NO neighbors to compete with. I used to have about 60 or 70, now I have one, and that individual never plays the game anymore.

I am excited for new missions, and weapons, and buildings. These are all great things to implement into the game. At this point though, I think it is paramount that you hold off on the interviews, user guides, leader boards, new missions etc. and fix your game. Put out a great product, not one that people are just willing to tolerate.

Thanks DC!