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Thread: Monster Stats!

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    lmao thats cheat bro all of 3 using fiddler

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    are they fuck using fiddler you retard you cant get pro points on fiddler and grin reaper u wanna get a life m8

    chris casey

    10+times bronze champion
    50+times silver champion
    20+ times gold champion
    30+times platinum champion

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    Ok so why dont you guys show your real identity. We can all hide behind fassads . 2 posts and your calling out fighters? How do you know they didnt spend money on this game? Yeah I am sure they hacked DC using stupid fiddler lmao. Post your fighter link. Mad cause someone has a cheat that you dont? Exactly. Deuces lmao

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    Question how can

    I think they should go playing Dora the explorer with their stats bahahaha

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    yeah.thats just ridiculous stats.idk what these guys try to prove but these stats are overkill.no doubt they hacked mma.no way in hell they spend that much money on a right click game.i would use that money on something else.fuck that.

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    as for these guys that claim that they spend way too money on this game.you can have mma bc now i see why popular ppl like godless quit playing mma bc of hackers taking over and ruining mma pro fighter.i don't think dc aint doing nothing about this situation.stefan aka godless will always be a true mma fighter.u fuckers have to use ppt hacks so nobody cant beat you and win leagues.poor sportsmanship.

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